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Navigating the complicated world of home design can be difficult unless you have someone that can guide you. Learn about the latest in new home design and trends in the state of Florida and beyond. And when you are ready, let our experts guide you through the process making it pain free and fun!

Cheap, Fun Ways to Use Wallpaper

Didn’t wallpaper go out of style along with clothing shoulder pads and 8-track audio tapes?

If you have to Google either items, you might be too young to recall the garish, foil wallpaper that was popular for too many decades in bathrooms and entryways. But if you’re not, you’re probably wondering why we’re suggesting wallpaper as a suitable design element in today’s era of smart homes.

The truth is it’s back in an updated way, and you can continue to enjoy full rooms of it, or use it as decorative flourishes that’ll have guests saying, “How’d you do that?”

Here are some […]

Best Time to Make the Expensive Purchases for Your New Home

When you build a new custom Florida home with ICI Homes, it comes equipped with Energy Star appliances and a hybrid electric water heater.

Those are important parts of our EQ Factor building promise, which prioritizes energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction materials, techniques and a commitment to quality. Rest assured you’ll have top-notch stuff.

But if you’re bringing your own appliances, prefer an imported British stove, or want to add, say, a wine cooler, then you’ll need to go shopping. And appliances aren’t the only big-ticket goodies you might need to outfit your new home, or to upgrade your existing inventory.

Here […]

Tips for Designing Spacious, Cohesive Bathrooms

No matter what size bathrooms you’re planning for your new custom Florida home, you’d like them to look appealing.

We’ll assume the cleanliness part of the equation! Instead, let’s talk about design.

We spend a lot of time in bathrooms. We also ask them to work hard. Bathrooms must accommodate multitasking and storage, and sometimes, several users at the same time.

It might not be instinctive to think of bathrooms as “attractive,” but you should when you sit down with your ICI Homes design consultant and pick out materials, colors and other interior-design components for your new custom Florida home.

Our pros are […]

Outdoor-Living Wish List for Your New Florida Home

Are you Florida-bound or thinking about making that move?

Our sunny climate and year-round warmth are major reasons many people head south. Being able to go to the beach (comfortably) almost any day of the year is a big draw, along with amazing recreation options, world-class attractions, booming industries and no state income tax.

Perhaps the biggest draw is being able to truly live outdoors. No more covering the pool for winter. No more shuttering and sealing the back porch in plastic for six months.

You might need a light jacket or sweater on our cooler winter days, but that’s also why […]

Beige is Okay: How to Use This Versatile, Timeless Color

If you’re one of those people who thinks beige is the planet’s most boring color, we at ICI Homes are here to convince you otherwise.

Any color can be boring if it’s overused, underutilized, or the tired default choice because “it goes with everything.” But there’s much more to beige than the color most of us don’t even notice because it’s so common.

Read on for some fresh ideas on how to use this versatile, timeless color.

Beige is more than one color

The easiest way to understand this is to visit a paint store. Or, the paint department of a home improvement […]

How to Keep Your Guest Room Ready Year-Round

You live in Florida. Know what that means?


If you’ve just moved to Florida or are planning to, be sure the new custom home you’ll build with us is equipped with at least one guest room and handy guest bathroom.

You probably have extended family members and friends who can’t wait until you move, so they can visit you and enjoy the nearest beach, Florida attractions and balmy weather. And yes, plan for that guest room to get a regular workout.

Never had a guest room? Read on for helpful hints on how to keep yours prepared year-round.
It can’t be the junk […]

Versatile Outdoor Living: Try These Tips and Tricks

We love our outdoor living in Florida and likely so will you if you move to the Sunshine State.

The combination of natural resources, beauty and a year-round temperate climate means enjoying 70-degree beach days in January, and only occasional appearances of heavy jackets.

Northern Florida can be a bit cooler than Miami during the winter months, but if you prioritize outdoor living space in your new custom Florida home, expect very few days that you won’t be tempted to head out the back door or sliding glass doors.

Even that iconic feature, the Florida lanai, can be a year-round gathering spot […]

Fun Ideas to Turn Your Backyard into a Weekday Oasis

If you’re building a new custom home with ICI Homes, you’ll find no end of inspiration and options for outdoor living.

We live in the Sunshine State, so of course all of our homes come with a lanai of some shape and size. In most of our floorplans, you can opt for a large sliding glass door to open up your lanai to your gathering room and really bring the outdoors in. You may also choose to screen in your lanai, or go with a plethora of other upgrades. A favorite upgrade and staple of Florida living — the summer kitchen […]

Live Indoors and Outdoors with an Open Floorplan

Energy-Wise, Quality Built
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It’s a no-brainer in Florida: outdoor living is a part of most homeowners’ lives.For many of us, it’s a big reason we moved to the Sunshine State, and a big factor in how we chose and built our homes. A subtropical, temperate climate with mild winters, abundant natural resources and recreational opportunities, invites you to seek fresh air and sunshine year-round.

At ICI Homes, we’ve built custom Florida homes all over the state for more than four decades. This gives us a deep and popular library of floorplans that maximize open spaces.


Fast, Cheap Ways to Refresh Rooms (Especially if You Want to Sell Them)

Does your living area have a case of the blahs? Maybe you’re tired of faded spots on sofas and chairs that betray where everyone sits. Your kitchen looks like it’s produced one too many spaghetti dinners.

Oh, and you might be in countdown mode to sell your existing home, so you can move to a new one.

Sounds like makeover time. You can’t escape cleaning and decluttering to get your home market-ready. But unless you’re selling it unfurnished, you must think about revitalizing its interiors to make it attractive for prospective buyers.

Then there’s the cost. A lot of us can’t or […]