Need tips, tricks and advice for making the big move? Then this is the section for you.

Selling a Home? Try Do-It-Yourself-Staging

If you’re vacating your abode for a new custom Florida home, but the current one needs some decorative help before hitting the market, there are ways around this conundrum.

You might need to do some decluttering first. Then some thorough cleaning, especially if you have kids and pets.

Once you get past those two hurdles, however, don’t think your only option is to call a home-staging specialist. You already may own everything you need, and everything you don’t own is very affordable and easily acquired.

If this sounds intimidating, it’s not — even if you have zero interest or experience in interior […]

Don’t Make These Moving Mistakes

Moving into a new home simply isn’t quick and easy. It can go smoother and be less hassle than you think, which should be your goal if you don’t have much experience with moving. But there are too many moving pieces — pardon the pun — to assume there won’t be hiccups along the way.

Regardless of your moving experience, it’s smart to avoid the following blunders. These are the gaffes that will cost you money, go viral on social media or possibly be rehashed at family holiday dinners.

So, don’t make these moving mistakes.
You don’t plan ahead
Moving due to a […]

ICI Homes Featured in the Tampa Bay Relocation Guide

Thank you to our friends at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services for featuring us in their Tampa Bay Relocation Guide!

The relocation guide features information about Tampa Bay area State Parks, schools, jobs, theme parks, shopping, and so much more. Of course, local homes are also included – such as the communities ICI Homes builds in. You can find us in FishHawk Ranch in Lithia, Bexley in Land O’Lakes, and Asturia in Odessa.

Ready for your custom ICI Home in Tampa? Talk to us here.

Quick Dos and Don’ts For Selling Your Home

If it’s springtime where you live, and you’re about to put your existing home on the market, congratulations on your timing. Spring kicks off the traditional buying and selling season in residential real estate, and you’ll likely attract more interest than other times of year.

But don’t think it’s difficult to sell your home during another season. It’s perfectly doable any time, especially if you must make an unplanned move due to career, personal or family reasons.

With that in mind, we’re offering a few top-line suggestions for what TO DO to sell your existing home, and what TO AVOID DOING. […]

How to Clear the Toughest Clutter

For most of us, it’s easy to toss, recycle or donate duplicate household furnishings, old kids’ toys and clothing we no longer wear or need.

But how about those boxes of vacation photos (taken with actual cameras)? Physical vestiges from former careers such as uniforms? The Mothers or Fathers Day gifts made by your now-grown child?

Those items aren’t so blithely pitched into a discard pile. The emotional attachment and memories we harbor over sentimental “junk” can make it difficult to blaze ahead with restorative, clutter-busting projects.

But if you’re preparing to move into a new custom Florida home, now is the […]

Practical Packing Tips for When You Move

Moving is expensive, time-consuming and frustrating, even if you’re excited about your new custom Florida home.

It’s a massive undertaking that requires weeks, if not months of planning, and there’s almost always one or two last-minute crises to sour moods and disrupt timing.

But one thing you usually can ace is the packing — if you plan it in advance. Here’s our list of practical packing tips for when you move.
Do this first
Schedule your moving date with your mover as far out as you can.

Summer is the most hectic and expensive season to move because everyone does it while kids are […]

Townhome or Single-Family Home? How to Decide What’s Right for You

In the market for a new custom Florida home but uncertain what it should be?

That’s a common conundrum in today’s home-buying market, where blended families, multi-generational families, retirees and younger generations all have different needs and priorities.

It’s also a question that’s always relevant. Older folks have long ditched their big family homes for lower-maintenance townhomes and condos. 20-somethings have long nabbed starter single-family homes.

But today’s 21st-century market contains more home-buying options than ever before. Both single-family homes and townhomes remain perennially popular for valid reasons.

Here’s how to decide what’s right for you.
Start with the season you’re in
Not spring, summer, […]

How to Find Your New Jacksonville Area Neighborhood

You might be ready to move, or must move due to job or personal reasons.

It’s natural to streak ahead in your mind to what your next home will, or should, be. But equally important is where that home will be. And this is true even if the location of your next destination is predetermined by a career or life decision.

Let’s say you’re headed to Jacksonville and seeking a new custom Florida home. Jacksonville is a booming metro area with major natural resources, industries and, of course, Atlantic Ocean beaches.

There are innumerable places you can move in Jacksonville, and decisions […]

How to Have It All When You Move to Florida

We all know Florida is one of the world’s great vacation destinations.

And not simply for the attractions hub of Orlando, or those hundreds of miles of shoreline on both coasts. The entire state is a draw for visitors of all sorts thanks to its climate, bountiful natural resources, recreational options and beauty.

So, when you’re exploring a move here, it’s easy to think like a tourist.

“Oh,” you say. “I can live like I’m on vacation all the time.”

If you’re retiring with no obligations except to enjoy yourself, you certainly can.

Most of us, however, likely move to Florida for career, family […]

Have the Choice When to Move? Some Signs It’s Time to Go

Being able to decide when you want to move, has it perks.

Your reasons for doing so may vary, but usually you’re not at the mercy of an employer’s timetable, extenuating circumstances, or anyone else’s timetable or circumstances.

The beauty of having a choice means that you can wait until the time is right for you.

But how do you know when that is? Here are some signs that it might be time to go.
Your current home no longer fits your life
Growing families shrink houses (not really, but it feels that way). The home you bought ten, even five years ago suddenly […]