How to Enjoy Your Florida Sunroom

If regional real-estate terminology isn’t your area of expertise, don’t be flummoxed by some of the descriptions you hear when shopping for a new custom Florida home. “Lanai” is one. It’s Hawaiian in origin, but basically means covered outdoor living space in a tropical environment. Think patios and porches. Another common term is “Florida room.”How to Enjoy Your Florida Sunroom

“Well,” you might say. “All rooms in a Florida house are Florida rooms.”

Touché. But it’s really a sunroom, conservatory, sun porch — you get the drift — that can be opened to the outside by windows, sliding-glass or French doors. Many of these living areas have the latter option because of the state’s mild climate.

The good news? If you build with ICI Homes, all you have to do is concentrate on the word “sunroom.” You’ll have many options to get the sunny, indoor-outdoor living space you really want. In fact, one of our most popular floor plans includes a sunroom.

With that in mind, here’s how to enjoy your new sunroom — in Florida.

What do you do with it?

At ICI Homes, each of our floor plans contains a lanai (outdoor living space). Many people choose to use an interior room as the adjoining sunroom. It typically contains large windows that open to catch breezes, the smell of fresh rain showers, or to enjoy music from a sound system during gatherings.

Basking in the sun over morning coffee, or toasting a sunset, are other good uses of a sunroom.

Florida has mild winters, but don’t overlook a fireplace for warming up those cooler evenings. And, of course, potted plants, fun art, perhaps a wall-mounted television and — always — a ceiling fan.

Outfitting your sunroom

If you had one in a previous home, you’d likely use it for the same functions here.

The difference is your Florida sunroom probably will get more use. It’s usually a casual living area with durable, comfortable seating and large windows to let in that natural Florida sunlight. Outfit it for easy wash-and-wear care because everyone will congregate there with food, drinks and friends.

Which leads us to…

How to find your favorite sunroom

Our popular Cameron floor plan provides an excellent example.

This 2,740-square-foot plan incorporates a sunroom in its living area. The open traffic flow ensures the two areas adjoin — perhaps to share a fireplace — and to yield even more versatile gathering space.

But the Cameron isn’t your sole sunroom option! ICI Homes is known for its customization process. Schedule a complimentary customization consultation with one of our talented designers and let that person help you choose a plan, or tweak the one you like. Those tweaks usually are no-cost or low-cost, and you get the sunroom of your dreams.

You can find the Cameron at Amelia National Golf & Country Club in Fernandina Beach, Brown’s Landing in Port Orange, Plantation Bay in Ormond Beach and Oakmont in Gainesville, among other communities.

Ready for your custom Florida sunroom? Talk to ICI Homes here.