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Navigating the complicated world of home design can be difficult unless you have someone that can guide you. Learn about the latest in new home design and trends in the state of Florida and beyond. And when you are ready, let our experts guide you through the process making it pain free and fun!

Here’s What to Do With That Bonus Room

Many ICI Homes floor plans include what’s traditionally called a bonus room. Also known as a flex space.

It’s square footage in a particular floor plan that’s available for use per an ICI Homes customer’s needs. Very often it’s slotted on a plan — you’ll see a large room upstairs over a garage labeled a bonus room, for example — or tucked near living areas as a potential home office.

What you make of it is up to you. And it often can be shifted in many plans. You’re not stuck with what might be a static area of little use […]

Design an Attractive Home Office Where Work Gets Done

More and more of us are working at home these days, at least partially or full-time.

We still might go to a company office for meetings, or keep office hours there on certain days, but otherwise we’re pounding a laptop at home, and most of us will take that perk every day of the week.

But the freedom to work at home also necessitates a place to do it, whether you’re employed by someone else, self-employed or freelancing. And how much work space you require depends on what work you do. The same applies for any equipment you need.

Use this information when […]

The Hardworking Outdoor Lighting That’s Right for You

So you’re designing a new custom Florida home — or compiling a wish list for one — and most of your attention is rightfully going to interior living spaces.

You’ll spend the most time inside and your floorplan should be as comfortable as you like it.

But don’t neglect the exterior of your new home. In Florida, outdoor living is year-round thanks the Sunshine State’s balmy climate, and if you’re not used to being outdoors every month, you’re in for a nice surprise.

Another important thing you shouldn’t overlook is outdoor lighting. Florida’s warm, temperate evenings are made for porch sitting, marshmallow […]

Love Fireplaces? How to Enjoy Them in Sunny Florida

If you’re planning a move to the Sunshine State from a colder climate, you might regret leaving one aspect of your former home behind — the fireplace.

It’s a common feature where winter is a prolonged experience, and sentimental attachments can make the parting more sorrowful. You might recall warming up before a crackling fire during holidays and ski trips, and think you’ll miss the coziness in a state where January often brings 70-degree days and sunny bicycle rides.

But fear not. Florida can have cool winter days — sometimes chilly ones if a strong cold front plunges our way — […]

Entertainment-Friendly Ideas for Your New Florida Home

Moving to Florida or considering a move here?

It’s probably smart to expect house guests.

Inevitably, college roommates, in-laws or a reunion of some sort will find their way south to your new custom Florida home. Once you move, you and yours also will strike up new friendships at school, work or play, and before you know it, pizza parties, sleepovers and cookouts will be happening at your address.

But entertaining inside and out is a lot easier when you plan for it. And you can do that while selecting your ICI Homes floorplan and customizing it with the help of our […]

Design Tips for Serene, Seamless Living

Thanks to our digital devices and 24-7 connectivity, it’s go-go-go everyday for many of us, no matter our ages or life seasons. Being busy, entertained and accomplished are positive states of mind for the most part, but being constantly swamped and overwhelmed isn’t.

When we need a break from our busy world, most of us likely flop at home. Those weekday evenings after work and kids’ activities can be the only downtime for many people, who sometimes ramp up their leisure schedule on the weekends in attempts to do it all (or most of it).

So, how best to seek our […]

Use Model Homes as Laboratories, Not Only Eye Candy

Interested in building a new custom Florida home? Not sure what floorplan you’d like?

One of the best solutions is to tour our model homes. These are actual homes built to depict decorative styles and floorplans available in a particular community, and experiencing them on-site is better than any online photos or virtual-reality video.

The latter options, of course, are extremely helpful if you can’t tour specific model homes in person. Definitely take advantage of those online resources. But if you can wrangle a weekend, or even a day off to visit the master-planned communities that intrigue you, don’t hesitate.

It’s time […]

Need an Easy Retreat? Carve It Out of a Bedroom

Who says bedrooms are only for sleeping?

Not so, if you give them some thought while planning your new custom Florida home.

Along with their most critical function, bedrooms can be versatile spaces that serve as retreats, entertainment centers, and workstations any time of the day or night.

We at ICI Homes admit that pounding through job or household work in a space where you probably should be relaxing, requires setting boundaries, but bedrooms — especially roomy master suites — can provide enough practical versatility if you’d like them to be multi-purpose.

How does it happen? By considering the dimensions of the bedroom […]

How to Create a Home with Fido in Mind

Pets are a huge part of many homeowners’ lives, and building a new custom Florida home means including animal friends in the planning.

Gone are the days where opening the back door was sufficient for Fido’s exercise, feeding and toilet times. For many pet parents, customizing spaces for Fido and other pets is as important as planning human spaces in a new home.

Here’s how to create a home with Fido in mind.
Consider the functions
Regardless of size, dogs do require maintenance. They must be fed, watered, bathed and taken outside (for the most part) to do their business and exercise.

Some of […]

Create a Workhorse Drop Zone

What’s a drop zone, you ask?

It’s that place in your home where, as you first enter it, you dump keys, coats, umbrellas, backpacks, dog leashes, boots, and grocery bags. And those are only a few items that people instantly discard once they’re home.

Most drop zones aren’t thought out and intentional. For many of us, it’s that oversized bowl on the kitchen counter that catches everyone’s keys and junk mail. Or a hall table that collects baseball gloves.

We all can do better than that, and when you plan your new custom Florida home, establishing an arrival drop zone is the […]