Custom Water Features for Your Home

To many people who move to Florida, the Sunshine State also means “water.” Many homeowners love to bring that into their home life as well. That’s why ICI Homes can add a custom water feature to your new home.

Custom Water Features for Your HomeThe peninsula is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Toss in its rivers, bays, lakes, swamps and natural freshwater springs, and the opportunity to enjoy a body of water is never far away.

But what if your new custom Florida home doesn’t include such a view? And the closest you’ll get to water on your lot is your lawn’s sprinkler system or a plumbing emergency?

We at ICI Homes have some suggestions. Any of them can be incorporated before you build your new home, or added afterward as inspiration strikes.

Here’s how to get a water feature at your new custom Florida home.

A swimming pool, of course

It’s the obvious answer in a subtropical climate. One of the many wonderful pluses about living here is that you can enjoy a swimming pool year-round. Simply include a pool heating system if you live in the northern half of the state.

Your swimming pool also doesn’t have to hog your back yard. Smaller pools are perfect for smaller households. If you don’t regularly host large groups of people who play active rounds of Marco Polo, you don’t need an Olympic-sized one. Perhaps a compact lap pool is best. Get your exercise and enjoy refreshing dips when it’s time to lounge.

Work with your ICI Homes sales agent to find the perfect pool to fit your home site and budget!

A spa or hot tub

“Forget the cardio,” you might say.

Soaking away a long day of meetings might be your go-to stress relief. Or, the perfect method for winding down and recovering from a six-mile run.

These soothing, bubbly water features can be as visually impactful as a swimming pool if they’re attractively landscaped as part of your outdoor living area, and decoratively lit at night.

Activate the jets for that calming white noise, or leave them off for a serene, pool-like view.

A fountain

This is where you can get creative.

A splashing or trickling fountain is one of nature’s best sounds.

How easy is it to get a fountain? Install a decorative spray jet on the above water features and they do double duty as a fountain. Adding a classic olive-jar fountain to your lanai is almost as easy. Recruit friends to help and make it a weekend project. Or, talk to an ICI Homes floor plan designer about including it before you build.

Speaking of the latter…

Any water feature can be customized

At ICI Homes, customization is in our DNA. Every potential customer can schedule a free consultation with one of our designers to tweak a floor plan, often at no or low cost.

We like to say, “we move walls,” and we can add the water feature of your choice, too.

Ready for your new custom Florida home? Talk to ICI Homes here.