Home Design For Our Furry Friends

You’re a pet person and we at ICI Homes understand. Most cats and dogs enjoy favored status in their households but, can we talk? Pet bedding and toys aren’t the most attractive accessories. Allow us to share some decorative ideas on how to incorporate your furry friends and their pursuits into your home’s design.
Banish Lumpy Floor Pillows
It’s time to give your small or medium-sized pooch a worthy perch without tripping to the pet superstore. Odds are you have a chest, nightstand or small bookcase with a bottom drawer or shelf. Remove the drawer if it’s a chest and be […]

Yes, You CAN Organize Your Garage

For many homeowners, the garage is the last frontier clutter-wise. It’s where we keep vehicles, and empty coolers, and tools…and lawnmowers. You get the picture! Cram it in and shut the door, often becomes our approach to garage storage, but there’s definitely a better strategy. Taming your garage is no different than tackling chores in an interior room of your home. Read on for suggestions about how to truly conquer that last organizational frontier.
Assess The Situation
You have a large one if household members must park in the driveway or by the curb in front of your home. You also […]

Laurel Awards: ICI Homes Takes Home Eleven Awards

ICI Homes took home eleven awards at this year’s Laurel Awards in Jacksonville.The 22nd Annual Laurel Awards Gala was held on Friday, March 17, 2017. The prestigious event celebrates top achievements in sales and marketing by NEFBA, Northeast Florida Builders Association and is presented to those in the industry who have demonstrated sales, building and design excellence.

For the past two years, the company earned the highest award, the Grand Laurel.This year, ICI was honored with the following awards:


Flagler Parade of Homes: ICI Wins Top Score Award

The Flagler County Parade of Homes Banquet was held on March 16, 2017. ICI Homes was the proud recipient of several awards including the 2017 Top Score Award.


Great Reasons to Build at Magnolia Preserve

What do you get when you build with ICI Homes at Julington Creek? A new custom, energy-smart Florida home AND one of northeast Florida’s most desirable neighborhoods. Julington Creek is tucked into northwest St. Johns County, southwest of metropolitan Jacksonville. If you’re ready for a new home in this part of the Sunshine State, we’ll explain why you should build it with us.
What You Get at Magnolia Preserve
Magnolia Preserve is a gated community in the north-central part of Julington Creek. It features luxury homes that range from single-family-size to estate enclaves. Julington Creek is a master-planned community that incorporates […]

Design Your Own Home Spa

If you love all the accouterments and pampering of a spa day, you don’t have to drop continual hints for birthday and holiday gift cards. Or, blow up your schedule to find time to escape to an actual spa. It’s easy to install a do-it-yourself version when you build your new custom Florida home. Simply pick a bathroom (not the kids bathroom!) and pack it full of the colors, accessories and fixtures that give you a similar, soothing experience. Allow us to show you how to design your own home spa.
Size Sort of Matters in Your New Spa
The bathroom […]

Four Tips to Personalize Your Home

A home’s interior design should reflect who lives there, not the whim of painters, its flooring crew or imaginary customers who might’ve been used as the builder’s inspiration. The blank canvas of a new home can be exactly the impetus you need to try your own style. Consider hobbies, recreational preferences and family history for decorating clues. Personalizing a home stamps it as uniquely yours. It’s also an opportunity to display collections that might be stuffed out of view. Read on for a few suggestions to get you started.
Trace Your Roots
If you’re an antique buff or haunter of flea […]

Barn Doors Provide More Than Closure

As you ponder areas in your new custom home plan that require concealment, think beyond the typical sliding doors, pocket doors, bi-fold doors or French doors. Those are solid choices — you might use them elsewhere — but an increasingly popular option gives you more bang for your buck than mere closure. Barn doors, which slide open and shut on tracks above the opening they conceal, provide a striking design alternative. Read on for more on how to use them.
Barn Doors Are Versatile
If you’re picturing giant slabs of wood large enough to corral a herd of cattle, stop now. […]

Don’t Make These 7 Home-Design Mistakes

Building a custom Florida home should be an exciting exercise for you and your building and design teams. But, sometimes the finished product doesn’t live so perfectly — a fact almost always traceable to poor planning. The solution? Do your homework! The more specific lifestyle information you can bring to brainstorming sessions with your designers, the more practical and truly customized your new home will be. Read on for seven top design mistakes to avoid.
You Don’t Consider the Future
It’s tempting to build a new home for your current lifestyle. Pause first, and talk to your household. Will you live […]

Going Gated? Visit Magnolia Preserve at Julington Creek

Targeting a new custom Florida home? Do you have the freedom to pick your location? If so, focus on Florida’s northeast corner, where Jacksonville and its surrounding communities offer a great selection of urban, suburban and quieter neighborhoods. Magnolia Preserve at Julington Creek Plantation is a spectacular, gated community we think will surprise and delight you.
The Metro Jacksonville Location Is BIG
Jacksonville is Florida’s booming, northeast gateway. Recent financial and real-estate reports have rated it as a top place to move to, and as a great market for real estate investors. It sits at the intersection of two major interstates — […]