Why ‘Customize’ Is a Dirty Word For Other Home Builders

Not at ICI Homes! We’re Florida’s Custom Home Builder and proud of it. But we say so upfront for a reason. You might be reading this because you got the “dirty-word” reaction from other Sunshine State builders — when you told them you’d like them to tweak one of their home plans, or to build a new custom home from scratch. You won’t get that reaction from us. We’ll explain how we do business shortly. For now, here’s why many of our building peers resist customizing their homes.
They Say It’s Expensive
The bottom line rules, right? Home builders must be […]

Worried About Mortgage Approval? Some Good News

Ready to buy a new Florida home, but fear you might not withstand a mortgage lender’s scrutiny? You might surprised. Regardless of economic climates, mortgage prospects exist for home buyers of all economic stripes. That’s because in everyday life, lenders exhibit more elasticity with financial home-buying requirements than you might think. The key? Don’t take hearsay about current mortgage trends for granted, whether it originates from office gossip, media, social media or our friend Google. Here are a few real-world tips for sizing up your mortgage potential.
First, You Need a Decent Credit Score
Must it be perfect? No. Few of […]

Outdoor Entertaining With Lighting

If you’re building a new custom Florida home, one of your first considerations should be how to enjoy the Sunshine State’s superb climate. If you’re a current resident, we shouldn’t need to convince you. If you’re heading our way from another climate, our advice is to get outdoors! Living and entertaining outside is a way of life here, and comfortable, versatile outdoor spaces are as important as interior ones. Decorative lighting is one of the best techniques to enhance your exterior living space. Read on for our tips on lighting up your outdoor life.
Take Indoor Lighting, Outdoors
All forms of […]

Need Help For a Home Project? Hire Yourself!

If you’re a homeowner who enjoys taking care of and improving your most important investment, you’re likely not shy about tackling painting, wallpapering or gardening projects. Many of us are Do-It-Yourselfers because we enjoy it, or don’t mind the extra effort because it saves us time and money.

But, did you know homeowners-as-Do-It-Yourselfers is a trend that’s expanded thanks to the growth, quality and availability of online video? Folks seeking to save a little coin, or to avoid the hassle of hiring and monitoring someone who specializes in a particular skill not only are saying, “Hey, I can do that,” […]

Find Great Space for Telecommuting-In Your Home

As our working world evolves along with business and technological advances, so does where and how we work. Folks who are self-employed or lucky enough to work for a company willing to experiment with employee hours and remote processes, often can do some, if not all, of their jobs at home. Telecommuting — or e-commuting — is here to stay, thanks to commuting hassles and savings in gas expenses, office space and time. The “gig” economy is growing! So, follow us. We’ll show you how to work office space into your new custom Florida home.
Go Big, Or Go To […]

Customize Your Home With Our Top-Requested Changes

In the market for a new Florida home, yet don’t want it to look or live like anyone else’s? Sounds like a custom job! ICI Homes is Florida’s Custom Home Builder and we’ve delivered customized new abodes to thousands of happy customers for more than 30 years. Whatever specifications or requests you have, bring them. We specialize all day, every day in customizing our library of versatile, award-winning home plans. But, a few “greatest hits” continually pop up when customers describe what they’d like in a Florida home. Read on to see if one or more of these top-requested changes […]

How to Transform a Room with Paint

We probably all can agree that our homes, no matter their characteristics, are utilitarian structures. They’re refuges, headquarters, repositories and playgrounds. And, they’re meant to be used. Every day. But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t embellish them! No matter how low-key and practical your lifestyle may be, there’s likely a part of your new custom Florida home that you’d like to plan and furnish a bit more extravagantly. Right? We thought so. Read on for tips on creating memorable spaces.
Create an Oasis

Pick a room in your home, then transform it into what you’d most like it to be. This […]

Create Interior Drama With Paint

Adding punch, sparkle and buzz to your new custom Florida home is as easy as opening a paint bucket. Maybe not quite that easy — you’ll need to pick your colors first. And, you may need lots of buckets of paint. But, becoming a drama king or queen with your interiors doesn’t require costly architecture, designers’ fees or buying prescribed accessories. It only requires a sense of fun, plus a willingness to think beyond color status quo. Read on for our suggestions.
Don’t Fear Bold Color
Fire-engine red? Eggplant-purple? Do it! Especially if you and your household adore those colors. Saturation […]

Connect With Your Community: Volunteer!

If you’re new to your community and town — even if you’re not — one of the best ways to become a part of it is to get involved in it. We don’t mean homeowners associations, vital as they are. We mean organizations and people who can use a helping hand. Volunteering is the lifeblood of groups in your town who need assistance. What better way to get to know your neighbors, or to forge new friendships, than by doing good for others? We’ll help you get started below.
Who or What Do You Want to Help?
You already might know […]

Before You Buy a Home: Five Financial Tips

Not many of us have the financial reserves to pay cash for a new home. Most of us must finance that purchase. If that’s your situation, we at ICI Homes offer some handy tips before you apply for a mortgage. If you’re not sure your financial health can withstand a lender’s examination, read on. Our five tips will help you whip your finances into shape before you buy a home.
Get Your Credit Reports
Your credit rating is the baseline that lending institutions will use to determine your mortgage eligibility. They’ll examine more factors than only your credit rating, but it […]