How to Enjoy Cooler-Weather Coziness in Florida

Without sweating to death.

It’s a real concern because fortunately, even when the thermometer drops a bit, a light jacket, sweater or sweatshirt usually is all you need for a bicycle ride or brisk beach walk.

Then you know what happens. You get outside, get warmed up, begin enjoying the physical activity — and you’re glad you remembered your deodorant.

If you’ve moved to the Sunshine State from a colder region, you’ll take it every day of the season. Florida winters are on the mild side, with occasional snappy winds that blow through with seasonal fronts, and very few freeze watches.

That’s all! […]

How to Have It All When You Move to Florida

We all know Florida is one of the world’s great vacation destinations.

And not simply for the attractions hub of Orlando, or those hundreds of miles of shoreline on both coasts. The entire state is a draw for visitors of all sorts thanks to its climate, bountiful natural resources, recreational options and beauty.

So, when you’re exploring a move here, it’s easy to think like a tourist.

“Oh,” you say. “I can live like I’m on vacation all the time.”

If you’re retiring with no obligations except to enjoy yourself, you certainly can.

Most of us, however, likely move to Florida for career, family […]

Have the Choice When to Move? Some Signs It’s Time to Go

Being able to decide when you want to move, has it perks.

Your reasons for doing so may vary, but usually you’re not at the mercy of an employer’s timetable, extenuating circumstances, or anyone else’s timetable or circumstances.

The beauty of having a choice means that you can wait until the time is right for you.

But how do you know when that is? Here are some signs that it might be time to go.
Your current home no longer fits your life
Growing families shrink houses (not really, but it feels that way). The home you bought ten, even five years ago suddenly […]

Entertainment-Friendly Ideas for Your New Florida Home

Moving to Florida or considering a move here?

It’s probably smart to expect house guests.

Inevitably, college roommates, in-laws or a reunion of some sort will find their way south to your new custom Florida home. Once you move, you and yours also will strike up new friendships at school, work or play, and before you know it, pizza parties, sleepovers and cookouts will be happening at your address.

But entertaining inside and out is a lot easier when you plan for it. And you can do that while selecting your ICI Homes floorplan and customizing it with the help of our […]

Asturia, Bexley, and FishHawk Featured in the Laker/Lutz News

ICI Homes was featured in The Laker/Lutz News early this year for our work in our three Tampa area communities.
“Because so many families are currently buying homes while the economy is booming and interest rates remain low, ICI Homes is building inventory homes in all three communities, with several homes ready now.” Reads the news feature.
The article highlights on plans for Phase III in Asturia, our remaining three homes in Bexley, and the 15 remaining homesites in our Westlake community in FishHawk. There is even mention of ICI as one of the few builders offering an On Your Lot […]

Don’t Make These Home Seller’s Mistakes

If you’ve ever sold a home, be it townhome, condominium or single-family home, you know it’s all about setting yourself up for seller’s success.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your decision — perhaps a job transfer necessitates a quick sell — you want to give your real estate professional the best chance to move your current home quickly, and for maximum profit.

When you don’t, the moving process can screech to a halt. Here are some listing mistakes to avoid.
Your house is empty, or looks lived-in
Before you go to market, your home should prepped for its closeups with prospective buyers.

If you […]

Design Tips for Serene, Seamless Living

Thanks to our digital devices and 24-7 connectivity, it’s go-go-go everyday for many of us, no matter our ages or life seasons. Being busy, entertained and accomplished are positive states of mind for the most part, but being constantly swamped and overwhelmed isn’t.

When we need a break from our busy world, most of us likely flop at home. Those weekday evenings after work and kids’ activities can be the only downtime for many people, who sometimes ramp up their leisure schedule on the weekends in attempts to do it all (or most of it).

So, how best to seek our […]

Use Model Homes as Laboratories, Not Only Eye Candy

Interested in building a new custom Florida home? Not sure what floorplan you’d like?

One of the best solutions is to tour our model homes. These are actual homes built to depict decorative styles and floorplans available in a particular community, and experiencing them on-site is better than any online photos or virtual-reality video.

The latter options, of course, are extremely helpful if you can’t tour specific model homes in person. Definitely take advantage of those online resources. But if you can wrangle a weekend, or even a day off to visit the master-planned communities that intrigue you, don’t hesitate.

It’s time […]

Freshen Up Your Cool-Weather Landscape

For many homeowners, yard work is something that ends with the first autumn freeze and begins anew with the spring thaw.

Not so in Florida!

Forgive us for gloating, but one of the joys of living in the Sunshine State — if you truly enjoy gardening and landscape maintenance — is the opportunity to indulge in it year-round.

However, there are some classic tasks that apply to every yard and garden, no matter the climate. Performing these chores in the fall or early winter will help ensure a healthy head start on the next warm-weather growing season.

Follow along for our tips on […]

Smart Reasons to Buy Your New Home in a New Community

Buying a new home isn’t always the effortless, enjoyable experience we’d all like it to be.

There are a lot of variables and learning gaps, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer, and sometimes the processes end up being anything except trouble-free.

But living in a human world doesn’t mean that home buying can’t be fun and successful. We at ICI Homes have some suggestions on how to stack the odds in your favor.

Read on for smart reasons to buy your new home in a new community.
You get what you want
Buying in a new master-planned community gives you the opportunity to […]