Use Our Virtual Tools to Find Your New Custom Florida Home

Guess what’s easier than researching all the facts and features of your next new home on ICI Homes’ fully stocked website? Touring your next new home on our website, via our 3D virtual tours and video experiences.Use Our Virtual Tools to Find Your New Custom Florida Home

It’s cutting-edge technology put to practical everyday use, especially if you’re prospective ICI Homes customer who currently doesn’t live near, or is convenient to, any of our communities.

No problem! Our online sales staff, community sales associates and design teams are ready to help via phone, online or even virtually.

Here’s a quick guide to using our virtual tools to find your new custom Florida home.

Architecture comes to life

When choosing a floor plan, nothing beats walking through a physical example of a home you like. That’s why model homes are crucial components of the home-building-and-buying process.

You might think you like a floor plan — until you’re standing in it. And vice versa. Something that didn’t grab you as an architectural drawing, but you agreed to tour because your spouse or partner was enthusiastic about it, suddenly strikes you more positively as you wander through it.

Now, you can do it at ICI Homes’ website. Plus, you’re not limited to those communities within driving distance. You can visit ALL our communities via 3D virtual tours and video. ICI Homes has built custom Florida homes all over the state of Florida for more than four decades, so it’s almost like a 3D virtual tour of the Sunshine State.

A crucial, limitless resource

Matterport’s 3D virtual technology allows prospective ICI Homes customers to tour model homes, inventory homes and floor plans in vivid, you-are-there detail.

“It’s an even better virtual tour of a home,” says Bethany Kempf, ICI Homes’ online sales manager. “You can see the entire floor plan, but’s a 3D plan. Each room in the floor plan provides a video in and of itself. That way, they can maneuver through the house. It’s really cool.”

Go on a virtual video tour with a sales associate in an ICI Home community. Or, view the interactive 3D video of floor plans, models or inventory homes. Don’t forget photo galleries and detailed architectural renderings of our plans.

“We’ve already had an extensive collection of tour videos, but now we’ve made them easier to look at online,” Kempf says. “And now we’re even making it possible to make a virtual appointment.”

If you’re ready to take that next step, click the link to schedule a VIP appointment. Opt for a one-on-one, in-person meeting, or a live, virtual video appointment with a sales associate.

“Prospects can join the meeting with one click of a button and they’ll be able to see their associate face-to-face on the computer,” Kempf says, adding that the sales associates have the option to display split screens to illustrate floor plans and other tools.

Ready for your new custom Florida home? Talk to ICI Homes here.