ICI Homes’ Online Sales Staff: Your First Step to a New Custom Florida Home

For most of us, moving to a new home is a huge task even when we know where we’re headed and have time to plan for it. If your search feels like you’re standing at the bottom of a mountain you must climb, ICI Homes’ online sales staff can help you take that first step.ICI Homes’ Online Sales Staff: Your First Step to a New Custom Florida Home

Begin with our online sales staff, who are invaluable trail guides as you begin your journey to a new custom Florida home. These folks are knowledgeable about all things ICI Homes. Plus, they’re especially helpful for potential customers who aren’t near our communities, or who must research us from a distance.

If that’s you, you’re in the right spot. If it’s not, but you’d still love to tap into that wonderful convenience, our online sales staff is ready to assist either way. Their goal is to make sure all ICI Homes customers can make the most of those crucial first steps at our website.

Here’s how our online sales staff helps move you closer to a new custom Florida home.

They’re pros at what they do

These talented people know everything about our communities, ICI Homes’ commitment to quality and innovation, and how customization is in our DNA.

Did you know we can move walls — for you? Our online sales staff can give you the skinny!

But it all begins with prompt replies to customers’ online or phone queries, or live chats. The online sales professional will listen to where you are and where you’d like to be. Then, they’ll guide you to what to peruse first on our website.

They’ll hook you up with as much or as little information as you’d like, and put you in contact with teammates who can help on the next stops in your new-home journey. And, if you plan a future in-person visit, they’ll probably help with restaurant suggestions.

They’ll help you navigate our video and 3D virtual home tours

ICI Homes has built new custom Florida homes all over the Sunshine State for more than four decades. As you dive into our website, you’ll discover many cutting-edge tools and resources to help you find what YOU want in a new custom Florida home.

Our video and 3D virtual home tours are an essential, can’t-miss feature. Stroll through our communities’ model homes and floor plans from the comfort of your current home. Our online sales staff is indispensable here too. They’ll be quick to help if you need a bit of guidance with the technology — it’s one-click-easy, we promise. And, to answer questions afterwards about what you see.

You can even schedule your own VIP tour. Click the link to make an appointment for a one-on-one visit, in-person, or a virtual visit with an ICI Homes sales professional.

Ready for your new custom Florida home? Contact ICI Homes’ online sales staff here.