Color: Don’t Be Afraid to Use It

Experiencing color is one of the joys of our sensory world. From primary hues to soft pastels, color enhances, beautifies and sets the stage for how we enjoy our homes, wardrobes and everyday spaces.Color: Don’t Be Afraid to Use It

So why fear it? Many people do, leery that a strong blue, green or pink will visually shout like a trumpet and simply be “too loud” to be livable.

We at ICI Homes get it. Today’s world is fast and relentless. Sometimes a colorful environment isn’t the stimulant you want at the end of hectic day. But bland, monochromatic spaces with little visual interest can feel like living a giant bubble.

The answer is a mix of serene spaces and expressive ones.

Here’re our tips on how not to be afraid of color.

Saturate it

Love color? Let’s put it to good use. Even if your favorites are lighter shades of strong ones — for example, a softer apricot rather than pumpkin orange — they can make as big of a statement if employed en masse.

Swath a bedroom’s walls with that apricot. While you’re at it, coat the ceiling in the same shade. Use neutral furnishings and tease out a few complimentary colors in pillows, bedclothes or a rug.

Trust us. You’ll smile every time you walk in that bedroom.

Use it as an accent

Are you more of a neutrals-first person? That works too. Prioritizing white, vanilla, grays and other neutrals — particularly in public gathering or living areas — gives you a versatility you wouldn’t have if you went all navy-blue.

The neutral background allows you to switch out accent pieces whenever you’d like. It’s also cheaper than hiring painters to redo the room. Instead, reboot with different colors and patterns of lamp shades, pillows, window coverings and other decorative accessories.

Love red but don’t want to live in a ketchup bottle? Use it as an accent. Perhaps as part of a multi-colored area rug. Red in a rug and on a sofa’s throw pillows, helps “pull” a room together. The vibe is more of a whole, rather than an assembly of random objects. And you still get your red fix.

Try it in unexpected places

Feeling braver but not yet color-brash? Go bold in selected spots.

Ceiling and wall accents with colorHow about a dark purple vanity in a light-filled bathroom? With white and gray tile, silver hardware and gold-rimmed mirrors and towel bars?

Another tip is to use your bold colors in offbeat places. Try painting the inside of your walk-in closet, a laundry room, or a ceiling accent with your favorite colors instead of a main living area.

Because why not?

Have a powder room? Might be the perfect place for that antique yellow toile wallpaper you found in Paris.Powder Room Wallpaper with Color

Boring bookcases? Remove the shelves, paint the backs of the bookcases a brilliant turquoise, then re-install the shelves. Anything you put on them will “pop.”

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