Home Design and Trends

Navigating the complicated world of home design can be difficult unless you have someone that can guide you. Learn about the latest in new home design and trends in the state of Florida and beyond. And when you are ready, let our experts guide you through the process making it pain free and fun!

Don’t Follow The Decorating Herd: Classic is Always in Style

Ready to make your design selections for your new custom Florida home? Perhaps anticipating doing so in the near future?

Choosing paint colors, countertop materials and flooring, to name but a few items you’ll select, can be intimidating if interior design isn’t your thing. Luckily for all ICI Homes customers, our design consultants at the ICI Homes Design Center can make the process fun, easier than you think, and relatively stress-free thanks to their experience and guidance.

But if you don’t have a particular style or decor in mind, or simply want to do some homework before your design appointments, we […]

Design Tips to Make You Actually Use a Home Office

One of the more versatile spaces in your new custom Florida home also can be one of the most productive.

At ICI Homes, many of our popular floorplans contain flex spaces — extra rooms — that can be designated for whatever purpose the home buyer deems necessary.

Often, that flex spaces becomes — you guessed it — a home office.

Modern life makes working from home a common option nowadays. Even if you report elsewhere for your paycheck, being able to work while you’re home with a sick kid or awaiting a repair person, is much easier with a home office.

The good […]

Practicality with Panache: Four Fun Ways to Outfit Your Bathroom

Who said one of the most necessary areas of a new custom Florida home must look strictly functional rather than inviting?

Sometimes customers choose bathroom design elements and materials based on how difficult those elements are to clean and maintain, rather than how aesthetically pleasing they’ll look. We won’t steer you in the opposite direction, but there’s a happy medium that allows you to enjoy design AND minimal upkeep. And you won’t have to over-pay for it, either.

In fact, some of these tips are downright thrifty! Others simply involve making the right choices for you and your household.

Here are four fun […]

How to Showcase Your Art in Your New Home

Preparing to move into a new custom Florida home?

It’s an exciting, though busy, time and you’ll probably have moments when you have no idea what you’ll do with your all belongings, nor where to put them.

That’s normal and part of almost everyone’s moving experience (also a good reason to declutter). Once your new home nears completion and your moving date looms, you’ll probably decide where to place furniture, then stage critical things like kitchen utensils so you can unpack those first — hello, got to eat.

“Decorating,” is probably last on the list.

We at ICI Homes get it. Unless your […]

Live Like a Floridian: Plan Your Outdoor Fire Feature

“A fireplace in Florida?” you say.

We at ICI Homes say a resounding, “Yes!”

Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces are an ever-popular element in outdoor living spaces. They’re also a timeless design feature. In fact, gathering around dancing flames is a timeless tradition, and the crackling conversation, calming effect and perhaps some toasty marshmallows are pretty nice too.

But can you do this in Florida? Absolutely. The Sunshine State’s comfortable winters are punctuated by occasional chilly days, and cooler autumn and early-spring evenings are perfect times to light a match or gas flame.

Even after the cooling effects of a late summer thunderstorm, […]

Cool, or What? Creative Features for Custom Homes

When you’re designing a new custom Florida home, you’re usually concentrating on the elements that work best for you and your family, and the must-haves you know must be in your floorplan.

It’s easy to overlook out-of-the-box thinking to solve design conundrums, or to add a little architectural pizazz to your new pad.

Fear not. We at ICI Homes have your back. Here are a few creative features for custom homes.
Incorporate a drop zone with a mini-home office
You’re probably aware of the popularity of mudrooms or “drop zones.” They’re entrances off the garage where each family member has an individual space […]

Live Like a Floridian: How to Light Up Your New Backyard Oasis

Building a new custom Florida home? We at ICI Homes hope you’ll include outdoor living space so you can enjoy the Sunshine State’s great weather year-round.

Outdoor spaces are natural playgrounds, whether it’s a cookout or impromptu social gathering, and there are few nicer ways to observe a sunset than kicking back on your lanai or back porch to view it.

Go whole hog with a summer kitchen and a pool. Or, tend vegetable gardens and flower pots. But, regardless how you use your outdoor space, think carefully how you’ll light it. There’s no need to flee indoors when the sun […]

Live Like a Floridian: Plan Your Outdoor Water Feature

If you live in the Sunshine State or are moving here, water might be prominent on your list of homeowner must-haves.

Florida beaches are important for many of us, followed by recreational options involving Intracoastal Waterways, creeks, lakes and well-known water parks.

Then there’s that Florida staple, the swimming pool. If you’ve never lived with a backyard pool and have the opportunity to build your own, go for it. They’re tons of year-round fun.

But, a swimming pool isn’t the only water feature you can incorporate into the outdoor living space of your new custom home.

Here are a few other suggestions of […]

Dog Parks: Why They’re Good for You and Fido

“Walking the dog” has new meaning in today’s 21st-century, master-planned communities.

Opening the back door just so Fido can work off energy and do his or her business at a safe distance, no longer is the norm. Although it’s definitely the default option if you’re stuck inside watching the kids, whipping up dinner or moderating a conference call.

In many new communities, walking the dog means a healthy stroll on fitness trails that meander through the neighborhood. These usually are paved and are wide enough to accommodate dog walkers, runners, cyclists, strollers and, occasionally, electric golf carts.

But there’s one amenity that’s […]

A Fresh Spin on Decluttering: Try Downsizing

This is it. You’re moving into a new custom Florida home or soon will.

What do you do with all of your stuff?

Odds are it’s not only yours. If it’s your family moving, multiply “stuff” by the number of family members and you might have closets, drawers, containers and garages crammed with unnecessary, outdated or duplicate items.

We assume you don’t want to lug everything into a brand-new house. We also assume you’ve heard the phrase “declutter,” which means to clean out and sort through whatever’s clogging your space. It’s a popular buzzword for jettisoning extraneous possessions, so we’re going to […]