How to Design Your Lanai

Lanai Outdoor Living

Many of us likely grew up with slamming screen doors that signaled passage between indoors to outdoors. That signature BLAM — especially in summer — meant someone was heading in from, or out to, outdoor living spaces and possibly a lot of fun! In Florida, a lanai is your entry point to year-round outdoor living, …

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How to Tame Your New Pantry

How to Tame Your New Pantry - pantry

One of life’s residential truisms is that too much storage space is never enough. Closets, drawers and garages get crammed full of current, former and forgotten items, and the search for them can resemble a volcanic eruption. But, there are innumerable ways to tame the storage beast, especially in the kitchen. If you’re building a …

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Tips to Make Your Bedroom the Restful, Peaceful Place It Should Be

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In today’s modern life, bedrooms often support more than their original function. They’re for snoozing, of course, but also for lounging, TV watching, catching up with loved ones, reading and, unfortunately, working. Larger bedrooms also contain a separate seating area and spa-like adjoining bathrooms. No matter your bedroom’s size or contents, its first priority should …

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