Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

It’s time to go all in and find that new custom Florida home, but first you must rush your current abode to market, right?Staging your home to sell

No! Even if you must move quickly, your home should be presented in its best light — ready for online and in-person closeups from buyers and real estate agents. This requires staging its interiors and exteriors, similarly to how movie sets are staged for performances.

Why? Your real estate agent likely will have your home professionally photographed as part of the preparation to list it. These photos form the visual centerpiece of your listing that will be distributed digitally via MLS services. You want your existing home to look as spectacular and inviting as possible to potential buyers.

But don’t panic. Staging your home to sell can be easier and more cost-effective than you think.

Read on for tips on staging your existing home, but first get some design inspiration by viewing our model homes using the new image search feature on our site!

Decluttering always wins

In fact, it should be your first staging task. Think of all the items stacked on coffee tables and kitchen counters. Toy piles in kids’ rooms. A messy home office or garage — or both!

Even the junk drawer (we all have one) isn’t off-limits. Closets and cabinets packed to the brim aren’t a good look to potential buyers because they WILL open them to get a sense of your current home’s storage capacity.

Decluttering sounds painful but doesn’t have to be. Simply take one space at a time and sort everything in it. Make three piles — to donate, toss or sell. The more items you dispatch, the less you’ll have to pack or store.

The next step is rolling up your sleeves and assembling your cleaning supplies. Staging your current home might be as simple as giving it a thorough scouring and dusting session.

But only after you declutter.

Do-it-yourself staging

Spacious, uncluttered interiors are your goal.

You want your home to look as roomy and lovely as possible. And making it so doesn’t have to expensive or time-consuming. After decluttering, you’ll have more room to attractively corral kids toys, and to feature the reclaimed spaces in your home office and garage.

Need extra touches? Visit your favorite big-box home furnishings store and splurge on some wall art. Re-arrange furniture. Plump up sofa cushions and drape cozy throw blankets. Another tip: replace existing bulbs in your lighting fixtures with LEDs for brighter ambiance.

Outside, trim shrubs, groom flower beds, and apply fresh mulch

Staging your home to sell can sometimes require assistance

Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell - Copy of Blue Luxury Real Estate Blog Banner 2 1Sometimes you must do more than clean, declutter and spruce up. Depending on your budget and timeline, that might mean hiring a house cleaner, or a painter to freshen all walls with light, neutral-colored paint.

Serious issues such as crumbling deck posts, driveway concrete or plumbing gremlins likely will require renovations.

Want help from the start? Work with a home-staging professional who will plan and oversee the temporary transformation of your existing home.

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