Clutter-Busters for Your New Custom Florida Home

Eradicating junk is a major issue for most people preparing to move in a new home.

It means cleaning out all the drawers, cabinets, closets and garages you’ve tossed stuff into over the years,Clutter-Busters for Your New Custom Florida Home so here’s some advice: don’t allow clutter to enter your new custom Florida home.

Easier said than done, we know. Squirreling items away and saying we’ll deal with them later sounds okay in the moment, but it’s no fun unearthing 87 pairs of socks, leftover brushes from a long-defunct vacuum cleaner, and two unopened fondue sets that were wedding gifts.

If you’re building with us or purchased one of our completed inventory homes, we at ICI Homes have some suggestions. These clutter-busters for your new custom Florida home can make a big difference, but only require a bit of advance planning.

If it doesn’t work, don’t bring it with you

That aged space heater you use for a few days during mild Florida winters, that might have one more season left in it? Donate it. Look for a new replacement during winter clearance sales.

The old one will be stuck in the garage or forgotten during seemingly endless unpacking, and when you finally find it and plug it in a year from now — Murphy’s Law. It won’t work.

The same goes for knives with cracked handles, the hair dryer missing its styling attachments, and the expensive toaster your partner swears can be repaired. Broken clutter is the worst kind of clutter.

Donate or discard, then keep a list of what needs to be replaced. Instead of stuff, hoard coupons.

Use storage containers to avoid clutter

Don’t begin filling new drawers, cabinets and closets until you’ve considered inexpensive, space-saving containers that automatically force you to sort and corral household items.

Try drawer dividers to neatly round up socks, measuring spoons and kitchen utensils.

Use attractive plastic or bamboo baskets for separating and storing pantry and bathroom supplies.

Use coupons to purchase those storage containers in bulk, making it a thrifty exercise as well. Bonus points if you color-coordinate the containers to your new home’s interior design.

Don’t continue parking in the driveway

We all accept that the first few weeks after a move feels like controlled chaos.

Moving boxes will take over the garage. Many of us must start new jobs after moving in, and the only real time to unpack and put away may be on weekends and evenings. So do take time to get settled and thoughtfully arrange furniture, furnishings, personal belongings and other things that matter to you and yours.

But set a deadline first. Agree that vehicles will replace boxes in the garage by a certain date. This may be easier self-enforcement than you think. Wait until you have to park in the driveway during a Florida thunderstorm because boxes sit where your vehicle should be!

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