Practical Packing Tips for When You Move


Moving is expensive, time-consuming and frustrating, even if you’re excited about your new custom Florida home. It’s a massive undertaking that requires weeks, if not months of planning, and there’s almost always one or two last-minute crises to sour moods and disrupt timing. But one thing you usually can ace is the packing — if Read More »

Help Fido Feel a Part of the Moving Process


Most of us know our pets are sensitive beyond our human realization. Their hearing and sense of smell can seem otherworldly, so it should be no surprise that cats and dogs, in particular, pick up on vibes their owners don’t realize are being telegraphed. Throw in a huge upheavel such as moving to a new Read More »

Buying Your First Home? Our Tips on How to Furnish It


Congratulations on becoming a first-time homeowner! If you’re younger, it’s a major part of adulting. If you’re older, it’s a satisfying goal reached. You’re probably ready to assume the expenses and obligations involved, but you may not have thought much about how you’ll fill your new spaces. Furnishing your new home is a bit more complicated Read More »