Need tips, tricks and advice for making the big move? Then this is the section for you.

Get to Know Your New Town: Activities to Enjoy

No matter how exciting, welcomed or anticipated a move to a new town can be, there are certain aspects of moving that aren’t quite as anticipated.

One of those is creating new friendships. Another is learning your way around a new town. If you move from Oregon to Florida, for example, you’re also adjusting to a new climate, state, and coast. Add job, family and personal responsibilities, and that’s a lot of newness to navigate.

We at ICI Homes understand. We help new Florida residents find their new custom homes every day. Try these activities to get to know your new […]

Help Fido Feel a Part of the Moving Process

Most of us know our pets are sensitive beyond our human realization.

Their hearing and sense of smell can seem otherworldly, so it should be no surprise that cats and dogs, in particular, pick up on vibes their owners don’t realize are being telegraphed.

Throw in a huge upheavel such as moving to a new custom Florida home, and Fido and Fluffy can freak out just like humans. All the clatter, banging and raised voices tell them something’s going on. And if this has been the norm for several days or weeks before the moving van arrives, you might find yourself […]

Tips for Buying Your New Florida Home From a Distance

Not everyone who moves to Florida comes from somewhere close enough to check out prospective communities in person, on the weekends.

If you live in Vancouver, British Columbia and are Sunshine State-bound, buying a new home on the opposite side of North America can be intimidating — doubly so if you’re not familiar with where you’re moving in Florida.

Friends and family who already live there, or prospective new co-workers willing to pass along house-hunting tips, can allay some of that where-do-I-start inertia.

But perhaps the best tactic is to formulate a game plan that takes you from clueless, to clued-in.

Read on […]

Planning a Move? Our Suggestions for What Not to Take With You

Out with the old. In with the new.

That’s good inspiration when you’re planning a move to a new custom Florida home.

If you’re a typical adult, you have odds, ends and assorted junk stashed in your current home. You know it’s there, even though it’s squashed in drawers, closets, attics or on garage shelves.

And chances are it’s not only your non-essentials. Every household member either collects something, can’t bear throwing out certain items, or hides what they don’t want to deal with.

But guess what? You don’t want to clutter your new home by hauling all that extraneous stuff from your […]

Buying Your First Home? Our Tips on How to Furnish It


Congratulations on becoming a first-time homeowner!

If you’re younger, it’s a major part of adulting. If you’re older, it’s a satisfying goal reached. You’re probably ready to assume the expenses and obligations involved, but you may not have thought much about how you’ll fill your new spaces.

Furnishing your new home is a bit more complicated than assuming you’ll transfer everything in your current home, to your new one. To start, you’ll likely have more space than you’ve had in the past, which can be intimidating.

Read on for tips on how to furnish your first new home.
Inventory what you have
Well before […]

How to Be a Good New Neighbor, Part II

In Part I, we talked about how you and your family can become welcome members of your new Florida community.

To sum it up, if you want good neighbors, be one. Many of you likely heeded the tactics in Part I during previous moves.

But, let’s talk about the one topic that can cause neighborly strife: pets.

Our pets are family members and most folks understand that. Not everyone loves pets, however. And there’s no quicker way to get on a new neighbor’s wrong side than having to apologize for your best animal buddy.

So read on for some practical, neighborly ways to […]

How to Be a Good New Neighbor, Part I

Whether you’ve just moved into a new custom Florida home, or are in the process of doing so, assimilating into your new neighborhood should matter to you and yours.

Getting to know your neighbors, and perhaps making some new friends, can improve the quality of everyone’s community life. Kids grow up with their buddies down the street. Adults share advice, pizza, beverages and yard tools.

Involved — or least cognizant — neighbors can ensure the Homeowners Association works for, and benefits everyone (preferably without drama!).

There are lots of reasons to be a good new neighbor. Here are some helpful reminders.
Limit your […]

Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Tame Chaos After You Move

You’re in your new custom Florida home and the worst of the moving upheaval is over.

Congratulations! Now it’s time to unpack.

Uh oh.

You probably packed essentials separately ahead of time, so everybody has clothes, shoes and toiletries. The coffeemaker’s out, and so all electronic devices and their chargers. But otherwise, you might be staring down a cardboard maze of moving boxes and dining on takeout pizza.

Most of us have been through the same situation, so we can offer some tips for how to start tackling your-life-in-cardboard.

But what about belongings that don’t yet have a storage destination? Read on.
Unpack it, then […]

Moving to a New Home? How to Avoid a Steady Diet of Takeout

It’s an awesome time when you move into a new custom Florida home, but there are some realities you have manage. Like packing up all your belongings and sending them across city limits, county or state lines.

Once they and you arrive at your new address, domestic chaos usually reigns until you can tame the cardboard fortress in your garage and living areas.

One of the first questions someone will ask is, “What’s for dinner?”

People have to eat, and trying to grocery-shop and cook while in the throes of a move can be madness, especially with kids and elderly family members […]

Summer: The Optimal Time to Move

Oops! You wanted to go to the beach, didn’t you? Perhaps to theme parks, or camping with the family. No one wants to pack moving boxes, haul clutter to donation centers and orchestrate all the maddening minutia that comes with changing addresses during what’s supposed to be a vacation period.

“That’s not quite what I had on my calendar,” you say.

We get it. It’s more fun to consider your move through the excitement of a job promotion, or the realization you’ll finally live near grandparents eager to babysit your kids. But we promise summer is the best season to trek […]