Timely Tips for Selling Your Home: Preparation and Pros Make a Difference

We at ICI Homes are here to ease the process of selling your home with some timely tips and recommendations.

If you’re ready to sell your existing home, but today’s ever-changing residential real estate market gives you indigestion, fear not. Timely Tips for Selling Your Home: Preparation and Pros Make a DifferenceWell-priced homes with appealing listings are moving right along even with occasional interest-rate hi-jinks.

Bust the clutter first

A great first step in the process of selling your home is to make sure it is presentable for potential buyers. You might not think your home holds a lot of clutter, but wait until you begin cleaning and clearing it for a professional photographer to snap your listing photos (more on that below).

Or, maybe you know exactly how much clutter you have and where it is — lawn equipment, bicycles and storage containers live in your garage rather than vehicles.

No matter where and how much, start the decluttering process today. Sell, donate or toss stuff you don’t need. Potential buyers want to see clean, spacious vistas where they imagine placing their own stuff. And yes, they’ll open the junk drawer.

A good Realtor is worth the commission

Working with an experienced, knowledgeable Realtor gives you an edge in today’s ever-changing residential climate. Success in selling your homeA true pro knows the local market like nobody’s business — it’s what they’re paid to do — and can offer wise guidance, plus steer you away from mistakes.

Yes, they’ll make a commission (five percent is common) off your sale, but consider how much angst, research, time and costly errors you’ll save because they do this everyday. And, of course, feel free to tackle the sale of your existing home if you’re an experienced Realtor. And to pocket that commission!

A professional listing is key for selling your home

Here’s another reason working with a Realtor pays off. A professional has access to multiple listing services (MLS). You likely don’t. Your realtor prepares your home’s digital sale listing, then sends it to MLS websites which launch it far and wide. Most Realtors still place the physical For Sale and Open House signs to catch locals’ attention. But those signs are more of a homing device for people who located your listing digitally.

Most prospective buyers (perhaps including you) browse online listings first these days, to peruse the market, then to compile a list of possibilities for visiting.

Which brings us to…

Don’t skimp on listing photos

You know phone photos of a laundry room when you see them in other people’s listings. Don’t make that mistake.

You won’t have to sweat finding a professional photographer if you work with an experienced Realtor. They will have one (or several) on speed-dial to photograph your existing home in its best possible form.

The smart decision is the smartest price

Yet another — you guessed it — reason to work with a professional Realtor. They know what homes like yours are selling for, and can recommend a price that attracts buyer attention AND wrings as much worth from your investment as possible.

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