Top 12 Questions to Ask Your Builder

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Communication is critical in any successful business transaction. Having your new Florida home built to your satisfaction is no different. Finding the right builder can feel daunting, but all it requires is a willingness to research. Knowing what to ask prospective builders and how interpret their responses, will help you select the right builder for Read More »

Top 10 Requested Home Modifications

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ICI Homes customers have spoken, and they have done so by their design choices and preferences. Their decisions allow us to deliver a straight-from-the-source inventory of the most popular housing features while knowing timely trends makes planning your new home easier. Below are the 10 most requested modifications from ICI Homes customers. Use their brainstorming genius to Read More »

Signs You’re Ready to Build A New Home

Signs You’re Ready to Build A New Home -

It could be over-stuffed closets spilling into hallway floors. Perhaps piles of inspirational home-and-garden magazines. Hours of digital “Pinning,” or “liking” on social-media and design websites. However the new-home itch arrives, it often does so in very specific forms. Here are a few ways you know you’re ready to build your new home. You Already Read More »

What’s the difference between a town home and a single family home?

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Moving to Florida? Congratulations! The Sunshine State lifestyle is a winner, especially for new residents who haven’t lived near coastlines or in a lovely, temperate climate. But, once the relocation decision is solid, it’s time to assess the housing options. Short of living on a boat — a draw for many water and fishing enthusiasts — Read More »

What’s a Punch List?

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Don’t feel badly if you don’t know. Most new-home buyers aren’t super-savvy about construction terms and procedures and we at ICI Homes are happy to help. A punch list details all items in a construction contract that must be completed. These can be spelled out in a contract, but usually are compiled in list form Read More »