Don’t Make These 7 Home-Design Mistakes

Building a custom Florida home should be an exciting exercise for you and your building and design teams. But, sometimes the finished product doesn’t live so perfectly — a fact almost always traceable to poor planning. The solution? Do your homework! The more specific lifestyle information you can bring to brainstorming sessions with your designers, the more practical and truly customized your new home will be. Read on for seven top design mistakes to avoid.

You Don’t Consider the Future

It’s tempting to build a new home for your current lifestyle. Pause first, and talk to your household. Will you live the same way 10 years from now? Twenty years? Do you want to travel? Will your home be market-friendly if you decide to sell it? Thinking long-term — you might need that in-law suite for aging parents — can eliminate a lot of future angst.lose

You Don’t Know How You Use Your Space

You’ll probably want as much storage space as possible in a new home. But where? Closets stuck behind hall doors, or far from where they’re handy, is one example of not thinking through every space in your new home. How do you use your kitchen? Entries? If you’re installing a pool, you don’t want to traipse sopping wet through the house to find the nearest shower.

You End Up With Unused Rooms

Again, consider the future. Will a kids’ playroom be useful once they’re heavily involved in high-school sports? Will you always use a home theater that seats 10 people? Design rooms that can do double duty — a home office that transitions easily to a guest room, for example.

Your HVAC System is the Wrong Size

Don’t skimp on, or overestimate, your heating and cooling needs. Too-large systems inflate your power bill. Too-small systems mean you’re always hotter or colder than you’d like to be. Research manufacturer and builder recommendation, then compare that information with personal preferences to get the right fit.

You Shut Out the Florida Sunshine

Boo! Dark homes require more artificial lighting and potentially more power costs. Since you’re building in the Sunshine State, take advantage of plentiful windows, porches, lanais and sunroofs. Year-round natural light boosts your mood and brings welcome cheer inside.

You Don’t Plan These Four Important Areas

Only you and and your household know how you use them, but, carefully site the laundry room, kitchen, bedrooms and garages. You only want a few quick steps between your vehicle and your kitchen when you’re lugging in groceries. You don’t want teenagers’ video games thundering against the wall of your master bedroom. And, you probably don’t want to haul laundry baskets up or down stairs.

You Don’t Make Your Own Choices

Part of building a custom home is to get the exact home you want, not a cookie-cutter version. Your designers and builders can save you from numerous mistakes, plus offer helpful suggestions, but the final design choices should be yours. Don’t be talked into something you don’t want. Make it your home!

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