Construction in Florida

Thinking of constructing a home in Florida? Learn about the new home building process and cutting edge technologies in the new home building industry.

Which Flooring is Best For Your Family’s Needs

When you build a home, one of your biggest design decisions is what to put underfoot. Floors take a literal pounding — perhaps more than any other home component — so your choices should be smart and considered. But, you don’t have to debate them endlessly. Here’s a streamlined guide to choosing between three of the most popular flooring options for your new custom Florida home.
Wood: Real Vs. Laminate
Real wood floors are classics for a reason. If cared for, they last a long time, and their inevitable nicks, scuffs and scratches only contribute character. Their lifespan also can be […]

Talk to Your Home: Real Life or George Jetson?

Have you ever discovered — while trying a new recipe — that you were out of eggs? Have you ever wished you had a better solution than a trip to the grocery store? You do now, thanks to applications that allow you to talk to your home. Before you get too excited, you can’t command a genie to appear and mow your lawn! But technology has created digital devices that will do things such as activate lights, stream music and recite emergency substitutions for eggs — all at a verbal prompt from you. Read on to learn how you don’t […]

Seeking a Custom Home? Choose Your Builder Carefully

You’re in the market for a new home and want a truly “new” home. No resale for you and yours! Whether’s a family, retirement, multi-generational or vacation home, you and your household want what you want, fresh from scratch. But finding the right custom Florida home builder can be tricky. Some builders try to steer you to their interpretation of what you want rather than customize a plan to your specifications. ICI Homes won’t do that. We’re known as Florida’s Custom Home Builder, and we’re sharing tips on how to select the right builder for your new custom home.
Beware […]

Customize Before You Buy: Put Our Experts To Work

Looking for a versatile home plan for your new Florida home? Have ideas you’d like to add to an existing plan? You’re in the right spot. Not only has ICI Homes built custom homes all over the state of Florida for more than three decades, we’ve built our business on making sure customers get the home they want, not the one we think they should have. We do it with award-winning floor plans that allow for mixing and matching, at a price that’s right to you. Read on to find out how you can test your customization ideas before you […]

Don’t Make These 7 Home-Design Mistakes

Building a custom Florida home should be an exciting exercise for you and your building and design teams. But, sometimes the finished product doesn’t live so perfectly — a fact almost always traceable to poor planning. The solution? Do your homework! The more specific lifestyle information you can bring to brainstorming sessions with your designers, the more practical and truly customized your new home will be. Read on for seven top design mistakes to avoid.
You Don’t Consider the Future
It’s tempting to build a new home for your current lifestyle. Pause first, and talk to your household. Will you live […]

10 Must-Have Features For Your Next Home

Energy-conscious and environmentally-friendly building materials are fast becoming the norm for most home buyers and builders. When consumer behavior turns the default choice for a product into a “green” one, that choice becomes more desirable for buyers and builders alike. Here’s a list of 10 must-have features for your next home.
Super-Duper Insulation
You never see it — unless you spend significant time in your unfinished attic — but quality insulation thickly applied all over the house gives your utility bills a big break. Plus, it keeps your household comfortable during toasty Florida summers and rare winter cold.
Folding Patio Doors
If you’re […]

How to Ace Our Build-On-Your-Lot Consultation

You own a lot in Florida and want to build a home on it. ICI Homes is Florida’s Custom Builder — building homes on lots is what we do! Seriously, we’d love to help if you already own a lot, but need a builder, and, perhaps a home plan.

First, be sure your project meets these three criteria: your lot is located within 10 miles of an existing ICI Homes community, you want to build a certain minimum square foot home, and you have the results of a valid survey on your lot, plus know of any building restrictions, if […]

Creative Ways to Splurge on Your New Home

The design period of building a new home allows you, the homeowner, to consider all the details you want incorporated into your home. Not only is it when you choose materials, finishes and colors, but you also get to decide such things as whether to keep that circular staircase in the original plan, or to shift the sink location in the utility room.

Sounds fun, right? The key is being budget-smart and splurging only on the upgrades that are most important to you. It’s tempting to choose all high-end components and design tweaks, but there are ways to splurge on […]

Choose Florida’s Custom Builder to Build On Your Lot

As Florida’s Custom Builder, ICI Homes knows what newcomers and natives alike prefer in Sunshine State communities. We’re proud to have built many flourishing neighborhoods throughout North, Central and Southwest Florida, and we’re constantly at work developing new places for future residents.  But, suppose you already own the lot you’d like to call home — and not in an ICI Homes community.  “Oops,” you say. Not at all we say!

ICI Homes’ build-on-your-lot program is tailored to your one-off situation and gives you every resource you need. No hiring of individual specialists required!  Here’s why our build-on-your-lot program can work for […]

Have Lot, Need Builder? ICI Homes Is Your One-Stop Shop

You own a Florida lot where you’d like to build your dream home/retirement haven/new family headquarters. But, alas, you’re not a builder and don’t know one. If you choose to try it on your own, you know you’ll have to hire contractors. Research and coordinate materials and deliveries. Function as your own job superintendent. All while maintaining everyday life during the process — your job, kids and perhaps other responsibilities.

The solution? Talk to us. As Florida’s Custom Home Builder, ICI Homes is an experienced builder renowned throughout North, Central and Southwest Florida, and you don’t have to own a […]