Top Splurge-worthy spots in your home

You’re building a new custom home. Congratulations! Do anything you want!

We’re kidding. Most of us operate on a budget and building a home is a major budget item. How do you juggle saving on certain details in a new home versus upgrading other…without blowing your bottom line?

You do it by being budget-wise. The key is allocating your resources where they can have the most impact, which frees you to splurge on features important to you. Here are five areas where your biggest home-building dollars can make a difference.


You get what you pay for with these purchases. Appliances are some of the hardest-working parts of your home and you want quality pieces that stand up to any household demand. You also want energy-efficient appliances. Choose pieces that deliver utility-bill savings along with longevity and performance.


Few pieces make a design statement like stone countertops, especially in a gathering spot like the kitchen. Granite is a perennial splurge because once it’s polished and sealed, it shrugs off kitchen messes. And, you don’t have to exercise your inner Emeril to enjoy a beautiful material that increases the value of your home.

Whatever splurge stone you might chose, don’t confine it to the kitchen. Leftovers — yes, we said it — from fashioning kitchen countertops can be incorporated elsewhere as a surprise accent. Think laundry-room counters or a tiny coffee bar in an owners suite. You won’t waste an expensive building material and its presence in an unexpected spot may make you smile every time you turn on the light.


Get this one right. It’s a much bigger headache to replace flooring versus repainting that lime-green wall you thought would be a nice (not!) contrast in the powder room. Since flooring encompasses your entire home, it’s worth the extra cost to make sure you get the material you want.
What’s best is your decision. If you’re unsure, traditional hardwood floors are timeless for a reason. Hardwood floors are easy to clean, they wear well and are another score for future value.


This is one of the most dramatic ways to customize your new home. A vivid or unusual chandelier can light up a room. An unexpected line of sconces that brighten a hallway adds uniqueness you can gain from splurging on lighting choices.
Even slight upgrades are more memorable than standard ceiling lights. Wouldn’t you rather flip a switch and be delighted by something stunning? Even if you only want to indulge in a few lightning splurges? Yes, you would. You’d also rather be kind to your power bill by installing energy-efficient LED or compact fluorescent bulbs.


“C’mon,” you say. “What in the world can I do with those?”
Save money.

Although upgrading windows doesn’t provide a visible wow factor, it will wow your utility bills. State-of-the-art windows are extremely energy-efficient. Although we love living in the Sunshine State, sometimes the sunshine must be mitigated, and splurge-worthy windows do the job. They’re also often easier to maneuver and clean because they’re a better-quality product.

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