Creative Ways to Splurge on Your New Home

The design period of building a new home allows you, the homeowner, to consider all the details you want incorporated into your home. Not only is it when you choose materials, finishes and colors, but you also get to decide such things as whether to keep that circular staircase in the original plan, or to shift the sink location in the utility room.

Sounds fun, right? The key is being budget-smart and splurging only on the upgrades that are most important to you. It’s tempting to choose all high-end components and design tweaks, but there are ways to splurge on key upgrades AND make your new home look like you spent thousands of dollars more than you did.  Read on for suggestions.Bexley-Brooke-4813-web

First Things First

Jot down a list of possible design upgrades that sound enticing, such as rare Brazilian hardwood in your living area. Then, consider the impact of each potential upgrade on future resale value, its energy efficiency, plus how you’ll live in your new home.  For example, pet paws and wet feet from the pool may negate that pricey hardwood.

Classics Are Always In Style

Go classic and basic with flooring, counter-tops and other finishes, including paint colors. Put these design choices to work as a timeless foundation for your unique tastes and personal accessories. This tactic is helpful if you plan to sell your home in the future — you’ll avoid having to hastily get rid of that chartreuse wall color in the breakfast nook. NOTE: hardworking, energy-efficient appliances are always a smart splurge.

Antiques And Collectibles

Have you collected crystal candlesticks or pop art for 20 years? Now’s the time to find the place to display it all. Bring your stuff out of storage and hiding! By choosing classic and basic foundational design, you’ll have more budget to splurge on options such as custom-built bookcases or wall shelving.  Talk to ICI Homes designers about incorporating your faves into your new-home decor. They can guide you with suggestions.

Architectural Salvage

Yet another reason to make smart, foundational design choices. Authentic and natural materials are always en vogue and worth seeking, no matter your decor preferences. So create the stage for them. You know that certain vintage chandelier you’ve always wanted? Those repurposed barn doors? Plan for them in your new home.

Tap Artists And Craftspeople

Especially if you’re neither of the above, or don’t have any as friends. Visiting art galleries is a great way to explore your new neighborhood, and items such as handmade rugs, furniture or stained-glass windows instantly individualize your new abode. Not only will you enjoy those custom works as you pass them every day, but you’ll be happy with where you spent your design dollars.

Is it time to design your new Florida home? ICI Homes is ready to help. Begin here.