How to Ace Our Build-On-Your-Lot Consultation

You own a lot in Florida and want to build a home on it. ICI Homes is Florida’s Custom Builder — building homes on lots is what we do! Seriously, we’d love to help if you already own a lot, but need a builder, and, perhaps a home plan.

First, be sure your project meets these three criteria: your lot is located within 10 miles of an existing ICI Homes community, you want to build a certain minimum square foot home, and you have the results of a valid survey on your lot, plus know of any building restrictions, if applicable, in your community. Let’s assume we’re a fit. You’re good on all three criteria. You’ve shared your valid survey and any heads-up on possible community building restrictions for your lot. You also might’ve shared a home plan that you like.

The next step is sitting down and discussing your project. It’s a free and (hopefully) a fun consultation. Bring your coffee, ideas and a digital device or notepad to jot notes. Here are some tips to prepare for that first build-on-your-lot consultation.

Listen Well

We want to learn everything we can about your project, so we’ll listen carefully and might ask a lot of questions. You should do the same! List everything you want to ask us.Home Blue Prints

Talk Home Plans

If you know the home you’d like to build, this is your opportunity to hear our perspective on your plan. We’ll make suggestions, point out challenges and get your feedback. If you don’t have a plan in mind, we’ll be glad to suggest one of ours. Many are customer favorites and have won awards. There’ll be a good match for you.

Tackle Those Community Building Restrictions

If they exist. We’ll review them and figure out to make your project work. Even if your lot doesn’t have community building restrictions, there might be issues we need to discuss such as additional grading in certain spots, or hazardous tree removal.

Take the Discussion Inside

Once we conquer lot and plan details, it’s time to talk about what kind of interior finishes you’d like in your new home. You might know exactly. If not, we’ll be ready with options.

Hear How We Do Business

As Florida’s Custom Home Builder, we have an easy-to-understand design and build process that helps the customer-builder relationship flourish. We’re also a one-stop shop. You won’t have to hire additional contractors to get what you want. We take pride in what we do and how we do it, and we’re not shy about sharing it!

Take the Next Step

At this point, it appears we might be able to work together. The next thing we’ll all do is schedule a follow-up meeting. That’s when we’ll discuss costs and a building timetable. Ready to build on your lot? ICI Homes is ready to help. Click here to begin.