Choose Florida’s Custom Builder to Build On Your Lot

As Florida’s Custom Builder, ICI Homes knows what newcomers and natives alike prefer in Sunshine State communities. We’re proud to have built many flourishing neighborhoods throughout North, Central and Southwest Florida, and we’re constantly at work developing new places for future residents.  But, suppose you already own the lot you’d like to call home — and not in an ICI Homes community.  “Oops,” you say. Not at all we say!

ICI Homes’ build-on-your-lot program is tailored to your one-off situation and gives you every resource you need. No hiring of individual specialists required!  Here’s why our build-on-your-lot program can work for you.

Who We Are

A annual staple of Builder Magazine’s Top 100 Builders, ICI Homes was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida. Literally thousands of Floridians live in our communities throughout the greater Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Orlando and Tampa areas. New ICI Homes communities debut each year. We’ve also built in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee markets.

What We Do

We build homes. Period. We’re experts in many real-estate markets around the state and we produce everything from starter family homes to one-of-a-kind dream estates. We like creativity and challenges.ICI Juliette_DSC_8989_90_91_92_93_94_95_tonemapped

What Makes Us Unique

Yes, we build a lot of homes. But immense volume doesn’t mean we hammer them out in cookie-cutter fashion. Because we embrace creativity and challenges, we make it easy for you to embrace it too. ICI Homes customers can make changes to any one of our hundreds of award-winning plans without incurring additional costs. Our in-house architects, interior designers and construction craftsmen are whizzes at this, allowing us to be both elastic and affordable.

How It Works For You

You don’t have to be in an ICI Homes community to enjoy all our expertise. Our build-on-your-lot program gives you the same experience as customers who build in one of our communities. As long as your lot meets our three important criteria — it’s within 10 miles of an ICI Homes community, you meet the square-foot minimum and you’ll have a valid survey done and know whether there are community building restrictions — we can talk.  Then, it’s a matter of discovery and working through details to see if we’re a good match as builder and customer.

But, you won’t know until you begin the conversation. Contact us here. We’ll walk you through each step, from exchanging information during an initial meeting, to going over pricing and a building timetable. Talk to you soon!