Spooky Meals Halloween treats for the whole family

All Kids love Halloween. It’s the one day of the year they get into their favorite characters or supervillans and have permission from the parents to collect as much candy as they can. So why not start the day with some healthy easy Halloween recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Preparing three meals a day Read More »

The “Villa Feel”

Courtyard homes are perfect for those who prefer privacy and not an expansive backyard. It gives the resident a “villa” like feel, for about the same price as a traditional home. The attraction to this floor plan is the ability to entertain and have open connectivity to the house. The residents can customize these floor plans Read More »

Plot for a Perfect Path

Paths act as a gateway into your garden. Garden paths can be functional or works of art. They are able to guide travelers from one place to another or send them to secret spots of your garden to be discovered.  Whatever your vision entails there are many different ways to design the “perfect” path that Read More »