Buy a Home in Florida

Looking to buy a home in Florida? Buying a new home can be tricky but we offer tips, tricks and advice for those seeking a new home in the sunny state of Florida. And when you’re ready, consider using ICI Homes as your builder in any of our fine communities or on your own lot.

Awesome Customer Service is Part of ICI Homes’ DNA

In the third blog of our series on how ICI Homes earns such eye-opening customer service ratings — a sparkling 96 percent as of this writing — let’s review East Central Florida Division President Samuel D. Morrisett’s Part I summation of how we approach customer satisfaction.

“There are three things that are critical,” Morrisett says of customers’ expectations. “They want the home they choose to be built on time, they want it delivered 100 percent complete at closing, and they want timely warranty service.”

Let’s use Morrisett’s stomping grounds as a case study.
Walking the talk
Like all our divisions, East Central Florida […]

Attitude and Expertise: ICI Homes’ Top Customer Service Tools

Earlier on the ICI Homes Blog, we discussed the importance of homebuilders’ customer service ratings and how our own — at 96 percent — leaves the current industry standard in its dust.

We’re extremely grateful for the many homeowners willing to give us a big thumbs-up.

But how does that happen?

It has much to do with ICI Homes’ history and mandates as it does with performance.

Here’s why attitude and expertise are two of our top customer service tools.
We know what we’re doing
Headquartered in Daytona Beach, with divisions in West Central, North and East Central Florida, ICI Homes has built custom homes […]

Buying or Building a New Home? Ask These Questions First

Sometimes, in the excitement of searching for a new custom Florida home, buyers stray towards a community that catches their eyes, rather than their sense of practicality.

That doesn’t mean we at ICI Homes don’t want you to have fun with the process. Certainly you should target communities whose look and feel resonate with you and your household.

What we do mean is doing homework before you declare, “that’s the one.”

It won’t matter how awesome a certain community is if its maintenance and location don’t match its awesomeness.

So fall in love, get excited, then ask these important questions.
What’s my commute?
This matters […]

Pssst! People Are Moving to These Florida Places

Searching for a new custom Florida home? We’ve got some good news for you. The Sunshine State is home to several of the statistically rated “best places to move” in 2019.

Actually, it’s been a top North American destination since the late 19th century. But modern-day people on the move think so too, and we at ICI Homes are here with one of the more recent studies that proves it.

In late May 2019, U.S. News & World Report published, “The 25 Best Places People are Moving to in 2019.” The company’s editors and researchers mined extensive U.S. Census Bureau data […]

ICI Homes Building “Home from the Heart” for Builders Care

Like lending others a helping hand when they need it? So do we!

ICI Homes is proud to participate in a Builders Care project in one of metro Jacksonville’s newest and most exciting communities — eTown.

This nascent master-planned community on the city’s southeastern flank is just getting started, and ICI Homes is proud to be among its select builders. One of the first homes we’re constructing here is a “Home from the Heart” fundraiser for Builders Care, the non-profit organization that helps elderly and disabled folks in northeast Florida with no-to-low-cost home repairs, construction or reconstruction.

We’re pitching in by building […]

Home for Sale? Vanish During Showings

The truth is… your real estate agent doesn’t need any help.

Seriously. It’s the opposite of what most people would think. Common sense seems to indicate that a seller who stays on the premises, can answer questions, plus provide information that the seller’s real estate agent might not know.

But it doesn’t work that way — or very well, at least. Prospective buyers who drop by during an open house, or during a showing by your real estate agent, don’t want your viewpoint. They want neutrality. And the best thing you can do is give it to them. Here’s why you […]

How to Have It All When You Move to Florida

We all know Florida is one of the world’s great vacation destinations.

And not simply for the attractions hub of Orlando, or those hundreds of miles of shoreline on both coasts. The entire state is a draw for visitors of all sorts thanks to its climate, bountiful natural resources, recreational options and beauty.

So, when you’re exploring a move here, it’s easy to think like a tourist.

“Oh,” you say. “I can live like I’m on vacation all the time.”

If you’re retiring with no obligations except to enjoy yourself, you certainly can.

Most of us, however, likely move to Florida for career, family […]

Smart Reasons to Buy Your New Home in a New Community

Buying a new home isn’t always the effortless, enjoyable experience we’d all like it to be.

There are a lot of variables and learning gaps, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer, and sometimes the processes end up being anything except trouble-free.

But living in a human world doesn’t mean that home buying can’t be fun and successful. We at ICI Homes have some suggestions on how to stack the odds in your favor.

Read on for smart reasons to buy your new home in a new community.
You get what you want
Buying in a new master-planned community gives you the opportunity to […]

Single Women Rocking Homeownership

A recent report from the National Association of Realtors — the “2018 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers,” to be exact — yielded some interesting statistics and trends about who buys homes these days in the United States.

Among those info nuggets: 2018 marked the second consecutive year that single women buyers totaled 18 percent of all buyers. Single women also ranked second only behind married couples (65 percent) and ahead of single men, who ranked third (7 percent).

What does this mean? A lot of single women are rocking homeownership and becoming a demographic force in the home-buying market. That’s […]

Don’t Hesitate to Sell Your Home in Winter: Here’s Why

Need to sell your current home? Buy a new custom Florida home?

But whoops — it’s deep January outside. Not the greatest time to sell or purchase a new home, according to traditional real-estate marketing advice.

Banish that restrictive thinking! Especially if a family, job or personal reason compels you to move during home-buying’s so-called “offseason.” Several factors can make it easier than you think to sell and/or buy a home in winter, and we spell them out below.

The Florida connection is another factor. If you’re moving to the Sunshine State, or already live here and are in transition, the buying […]