Is Summer a Prime Home Buying Season?

Florida Custom Home in Summer

If you need or want to buy a new custom Florida home for whatever viable reason, summer can be the best time of year to do it. That’s regardless of what’s happening in today’s residential real estate market. Sometimes our priorities dictate our timing, not market conditions or headlines. On the other hand, if you …

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Sorting it Out: Renting Versus Buying a Home

Sorting it Out: Renting Versus Buying a Home - renting vs buying scaled

Renting versus buying a new custom Florida home depends on many factors. Sometimes these factors aren’t in the buyer’s control — hello, layoffs — and sometimes they’re mere speed bumps. But despite the fact that no two home buyers’ situations and stories ever seem similar, the age-old housing dilemma of whether to rent or buy …

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New Construction is a Great Option for First-Time Home Buyers

First-Time Home Buyer

For first-time home buyers, the journey to homeownership can feel daunting, particularly in today’s ever-changing residential market. It’s always smart to understand prices, interest rates, and availability. But don’t get stuck there! Instead, get your finances in order, and decide the location and type of home you need and the smartest price point for you. …

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How to Buy an ICI Homes Model Home

How to Buy an ICI Homes Model Home - ICI Brooke OakM 283 4 5 6 7 8 9 Enhancer

Searching for a new custom Florida home and think you’ve found the perfect match? But it happens to be one of our awesome ICI Homes model homes? Not a problem. You CAN buy a model home when the opportunity to purchase it becomes available. If that doesn’t fit your schedule, we’ll help you build your …

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