Dave’s Tennis Tip — "Bring Positive Energy to Play Your Best Tennis"

DAVE’S TENNIS TIP by Dave Brown , USPTA Master Professional, Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club, Ormond Beach, Florida — “BRING POSITIVE ENERGY TO PLAY YOUR BEST TENNIS”

Here are three things to add something positive to your match: 1) Time your meal to eat a moderate amount of protein, carbs, and healthy omega-3 fats about 60 to 90 minutes before the match; and be sure to hydrate thoroughly; 2) Get going in the warm up, jog to pick up balls after the rallies, keep your heart rate up, and break a sweat so your muscles are loose.  Rafa Nadal is a great example to watch!  He brings great energy to the court for every match; 3) Keep that bounce in your step. Whether you are changing sides or just going to pick up a ball, keeping your head up and taking brisk steps show positive body language and helps keep you focused on the task at hand: Winning the match.

Good luck!

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