Expert advice on some of Florida’s most popular sports.

If Tennis is your “Racquet” Florida is your Place

Whether on lighted courts at night, or under that famous Florida sunshine, the state’s mild climate is perfect for year-round tennis play. Florida’s natural beauty fosters an active lifestyle, and an environment that showcases outdoor sports and sporting events.

ICI Homes communities incorporate many of these favorites amenities. Expect parks, playgrounds, hiking and cycling trails, and golf and tennis facilities, among others. If you enjoy the spectator side of tennis, numerous professional, amateur and collegiate-championship tournaments are played here each year.

For hardcore players, the Florida Tennis Center — a 24-court facility in Daytona Beach — and the United States Tennis Association’s new […]

ICI Community Tennis Director Named Pro of the Year

The United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) and the United States Tennis Association (USTA) held their annual and semi-annual conventions jointly recently at the Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Port St. Lucie. Over 300 attendees convened for a conference of meetings, seminars, on-court presentations, and awards recognizing outstanding contributions to the tennis industry and both organizations. Read More »

2014 Florida Pro Golf and Tennis Calendar

I’m a huge pro tennis fan, and there’s nothing better to me than watching it live and in-person. Luckily here in Florida there are a few opportunities over the next few months to do just that.

And don’t worry golf fans, your schedule for the next few months is chock full of birdie goodness, and I’ve got you covered here too. Read More »

Dave’s Tennis Tip — "Bring Positive Energy to Play Your Best Tennis"

Here are three things to add something positive to your match: 1) Time your meal to eat a moderate amount of protein, carbs, and healthy omega-3 fats about 60 to 90 minutes before the match; and be sure to hydrate thoroughly;

Golf Tip from the Top about PUTTING



To be an effective doubles player in today’s game requires the ability to play net with confidence. I see a lot of club players with decent serves, return of serves, and ground strokes, but fall apart when coming to the net. The main culprit is simply a failure to split step.

Golf Tip from the Top — "ESCAPING THE ROUGH"

With the warm temperatures this summer, the rough is at an all-time high. Hopefully, these pointers will help you escape the thick grass a little easier. Before we even discuss strategy, it is important to understand what the rough will do to the ball and the clubface: The thicker the grass, the more the clubface will tend to slow down/close through impact, as a result the ball starts out well left of the target.

I was playing golf and a nature trail broke out…

Have you ever played a golf course so scenic and soothing that not even your worst shot (and a steady rain) could ruin it? I recently had such an exhilarating experience while playing Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club’s Prestwick course in Ormond Beach, Florida. At par 71 over 18 holes (35 on front nine/36 on back nine), the course is challenging but fair,...

Golf Course Living in Florida Homes

t is impossible to think about Florida homes without considering a golf course community. A golf course community provides a relaxed atmosphere where the greens are always shimmering and the clubhouse amenities are inviting.

Improve Your Volley With Better Aim

First of all, most errors are made because the wrist does not stay firm enough during contact. To cure misdirection one must turn the palm of the hitting hand in the direction one wants the ball to go. Once contact is made, freeze! By freezing at contact the racquet will stay behind the ball longer increasing the likelihood that the ball will go where it is aimed. Try it next time you play. You will be happy you did!