Don’t get overwhelmed with one of the most important buying decisions in your life. We discuss new home financial topics including marketing information and the new home building, buying and selling processes.

Don’t Make These Home Seller’s Mistakes

If you’ve ever sold a home, be it townhome, condominium or single-family home, you know it’s all about setting yourself up for seller’s success.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your decision — perhaps a job transfer necessitates a quick sell — you want to give your real estate professional the best chance to move your current home quickly, and for maximum profit.

When you don’t, the moving process can screech to a halt. Here are some listing mistakes to avoid.
Your house is empty, or looks lived-in
Before you go to market, your home should prepped for its closeups with prospective buyers.

If you […]

Single Women Rocking Homeownership

A recent report from the National Association of Realtors — the “2018 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers,” to be exact — yielded some interesting statistics and trends about who buys homes these days in the United States.

Among those info nuggets: 2018 marked the second consecutive year that single women buyers totaled 18 percent of all buyers. Single women also ranked second only behind married couples (65 percent) and ahead of single men, who ranked third (7 percent).

What does this mean? A lot of single women are rocking homeownership and becoming a demographic force in the home-buying market. That’s […]

Don’t Hesitate to Sell Your Home in Winter: Here’s Why

Need to sell your current home? Buy a new custom Florida home?

But whoops — it’s deep January outside. Not the greatest time to sell or purchase a new home, according to traditional real-estate marketing advice.

Banish that restrictive thinking! Especially if a family, job or personal reason compels you to move during home-buying’s so-called “offseason.” Several factors can make it easier than you think to sell and/or buy a home in winter, and we spell them out below.

The Florida connection is another factor. If you’re moving to the Sunshine State, or already live here and are in transition, the buying […]

Worried About Interest Rates? Consider an Extended Rate Lock

Wanting to build a new home but worried about rising interest rates? An extended rate lock may be the answer for you. Extended rate locks provide an option to lock in your loan at a set interest rate for up to 270 days. This provides protection against future interest rate increases in a rising rate environment.

Extended rate locks work by charging a fee to guarantee a rate in the future. The longer the period of time for the lock is needed, the higher the interest rate and fees may be. For example, a 270-day lock will be more expensive […]

When Do I Sell My Home? Tips to Consider

NEWS FLASH: there’s no perfect time of the year to put your current home on the market.

There are seasons when going to market can be easier, depending on your geographical region, but the truth is there are no blanket absolutes. It all depends on the home you’re selling, where it is, the real estate trends in your area and your pricing.

The larger truth is the best time of year to sell your home is…when you need to sell it. And that may be the time of year generally cited as the worst time.

Doesn’t matter. You may have to move […]

What is the Difference Between Pre-Qualified and Pre-Approved?

These words sound so similar, but in the mortgage business, they mean two very different things.

A prequalification letter and a preapproval letter are similar. Both are free and provide you with the maximum amount of money the bank is willing to lend you, based on certain financial assumptions you provided the lender. Neither letter represents a guaranteed loan offer. This means you can receive prequalification and/or preapproval from multiple lenders at the same time. However, that is where the similarities end.
You can handle the prequalification process over the phone in a matter of minutes. You provide all of your information to the […]

Can I Buy a New Home Before I Sell My Current Home?

There are a few circumstances where you can and may prefer to purchase a new home before selling your previous home. If you are in a hot seller’s market where homes are selling quickly, for example. If you are buying new construction, you have extra time to sell your current home while your new home is being built. But what options do you have if you are buying a new home that is move-in ready?

The first thing to do is see if you can qualify to carry both mortgages at the same time. Since you will own two homes […]

How Does My Loan Type Affect My Appraisal?

You might think all appraisals are the same, but a buyer’s choice of financing has an impact on the process. It can affect who can perform the appraisal, the minimum health and safety standards the house must meet, and the cost of the appraisal.

Appraiser qualifications
Not all appraisers can perform every type of loan appraisal. Appraisers must be individually certified to do conventional, VA, and FHA appraisals. Your lender will typically order conventional and FHA appraisals from an AMC (Appraisal Management Company). VA appraisals must be ordered directly from the VA.
Property standards
While all appraisers must comply with Uniform Standards of […]

Ameris Bank: 7 Ways to Buy a Home with Little or No Money Down

The economy is strong, rates are still low, and the real estate industry is hot. For people wanting to purchase a home but struggling to scrape up the down payment, there is hope. Many people are aware that they do not need a 20% down payment. But, what you might not be aware of is that there are many programs available that require little to no money down. Below are seven ways for buyers with limited funds to participate in the dream of home ownership.
1. USDA Rural Housing Loans
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development department offers […]

How to Shop for a Seasonal Florida Home

Are you a seasonable Florida resident or wannabe?

Once summer humidity retreats and leaves began turning brilliant colors, do you dream of bicycle rides on the beach? Shirtsleeve weather in January?

Do you vacation for extended periods in the Sunshine State, or frequently, and dread leaving?

Sounds like seasonal residency might be for you.

Whether you’d like to become a snowbird or just pop down any time you like without reservations, second-homeownership is a great way to go. The hassles of renting or hotel stays are no more, and you can create your own home away from home. The key is owning instead […]