Keep that Credit Score Up During the Holidays

holiday credit score

Whether you are shopping for your home or are currently under contract it’s important to maintain your credit score and manage debt responsibly. This can be hard to do especially around the holidays. While shopping this holiday season, keep these tips in mind to help keep your credit score as high as your holiday spirit. Read More »

Don’t Make These Home Seller’s Mistakes


If you’ve ever sold a home, be it townhome, condominium or single-family home, you know it’s all about setting yourself up for seller’s success. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your decision — perhaps a job transfer necessitates a quick sell — you want to give your real estate professional the best chance to move your Read More »

When Do I Sell My Home? Tips to Consider


NEWS FLASH: there’s no perfect time of the year to put your current home on the market. There are seasons when going to market can be easier, depending on your geographical region, but the truth is there are no blanket absolutes. It all depends on the home you’re selling, where it is, the real estate Read More »

How Does My Loan Type Affect My Appraisal?


You might think all appraisals are the same, but a buyer’s choice of financing has an impact on the process. It can affect who can perform the appraisal, the minimum health and safety standards the house must meet, and the cost of the appraisal. Appraiser qualifications Not all appraisers can perform every type of loan Read More »