Don’t Make These Moving Mistakes

Moving into a new home simply isn’t quick and easy. It can go smoother and be less hassle than you think, which should be your goal if you don’t have much experience with moving. But there are too many moving pieces — pardon the pun — to assume there won’t be hiccups along the way.

Regardless of your moving experience, it’s smart to avoid the following blunders. These are the gaffes that will cost you money, go viral on social media or possibly be rehashed at family holiday Don’t Make These Moving Mistakesdinners.

So, don’t make these moving mistakes.

You don’t plan ahead

Moving due to a job change or other finite deadline won’t get you off the hook. That first day at the new workplace IS when you should be in residence at your new custom Florida home, but you have to get there before you report for work. It’s planning the-getting-there that trips up many people.

Back way up on the calendar as soon as you know you’re moving and when you must be in your new town. You likely must sell an existing home, buy or build a new one in your new locale. There’s also packing, moving and getting settled in the new abode.

That’s a lot to plan and prepare for. See what we mean?

You don’t de-clutter before you pack

Want to make the packing process longer than it has to be? Pay for more belongings to be moved than are necessary? Unpack more stuff than you need in your new custom Florida home when you’re likely tired from the entire process?

This is what happens when you don’t take time to clean out closets, drawers and other storage areas in your soon-to-be-ex home. See the first tip above: it’s also why you should plan sufficient time to go through this essential unpacking, sorting and shedding process.

There’s an endless amount of how-to info online and in books. How detailed you get is up to you. But at minimum, pick one room at a time and go through everything in it. Figure out what’s worth keeping, donating or discarding. Separate everything into those piles.

You’ll see there are quite a few duplicate items, old tee-shirts, outdated toys and superfluous furniture that don’t have to accompany you to your new home.

You try to move yourself

This might work if (A) you’re only moving across town or a few hours away, (B) you recruit enough friends and family members to make light of all the heavy lifting, (C) you’re packed and ready to go when they arrive, and (D) it can be accomplished in one (probably very long) day.

Probably won’t work for most of us, right?

The hardest part about moving is the physical labor in the actual move. It’s worth it to have the pros do it, especially if a new employer is paying that expense.

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