No “Off Season” – Build A New Custom Florida Home Any Time of Year

Trying to sync up your calendar with a move to the Sunshine State? It’s much easier than you might think. There’s no clear “off season” for residential real estate in Florida, so you can plan and execute your move when it works best for you.No "Off Season" - Build A New Custom Florida Home Any Time of Year

We have more good news: when you build or buy a new custom Florida home with us at ICI Homes, count on a seamless experience regardless of where you’re located in your current home. Some of the helpful tips you’re about to read come in the form of facts you might not know. Others are ICI Homes innovations that streamline the process.

Feel better? Read on to learn how you can build or buy a new custom Florida home any time of year.

Year-round climate means year-round real estate

If you’re reading this from Montana in November, you might know your local real estate market tends to go dormant along with elk and moose during the winter.

Not completely, but real estate activity tends to slow in colder seasons, in colder climates. That’s not the norm in Florida. Balmy weather throughout the year not only keeps those new custom Florida homes sprouting in new communities, it also ensures more consistent buying and selling action.

You can schedule house-hunting on a sunny, 60-degree day in January, or a brilliant summer day in June, and still find plenty of choices in your preferred locations and price ranges.

There might be a few weeks’ pause during end-of-year holidays, but no particular time you MUST put your Indiana place on the market, then purchase your new custom Florida home IMMEDIATELY to get the best prices in both markets.

Plan your move during the ‘off-season’ for moving companies

If you know you’re hiring professional movers to transport your household goods to their new custom Florida home, plan your move for the winter — if you have the flexibility.

Summer is the busiest period for movers. It’s the most convenient season for most people to move — kids are out of school, summer vacations can be tapped for the selling and buying, and yes, the weather is more uniformly pleasant.

Moving companies that are booked in July might be happy to offer a discount in February.

Visit us virtually or online

Need to make building a new custom Florida home even more convenient in any month?

Grab your digital device of choice and head to our website. Enjoy the plentiful 3D virtual and video tours of homes in all of our communities.

And don’t miss connecting with our online sales staff. They can walk you through every step, plus cheerfully jump on the phone to answer any and all questions, and refer you to teammates in other departments as your home-building journey evolves.

You can even make a virtual or in-person appointment!

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