Seven Midwestern Reasons to Move to Florida

There’s a lot to appreciate about the Midwest region of the United States. It’s the birthplace of automobiles, America’s dairy-land, and the home of iconic cities like Chicago, St. Louis and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

And, Old Man Winter. But cold weather isn’t the only lure for Mid westerners curious about relocating to Florida. Here are a few more.

You’re Done With Winter

All of it — the swaddling outerwear, snow tires, windshield ice scrapers. Yes, you’ll have winter days in Florida where a pair of jeans is just right. Sometimes a sweatshirt or sweater. Occasionally, in January and February, daytime air will feel chilly in shade and you might see your breath after sunset. If that’s your idea of a perfect winter, c’mon down. 4-reasons-winter-in-fl

You Still Want Large Bodies of Water

The Midwest has the Great Lakes, and they are lovely. We have the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Fresh-water lakes in Central Florida. NO lake-effect snow. Even in winter, expect temperate, near-shore water temperatures. You won’t require a wet suit if you go surfing, swimming or paddle-boarding in January. Actually, it’s the fact you can go surfing, swimming or paddle-boarding in January. In the Midwest, lakes freeze or cough up massive, chilly waves. All you do there is the annual polar-bear plunge.

More Sunny Days in Florida

It’s the Sunshine State. Per the venerable Farmer’s Almanac, Michigan and Ohio both rank in the top 10 of cloudiest U.S. states.

Now, common sense tells you Florida has cloudy, and sometimes rainy, days. But we don’t have WEEKS of dreariness. Certainly not the gray gloom of a Midwestern winter. And our rain? Usually afternoon thunderstorms — tropical downpours — that last only a few hours and nicely cool down your summer evenings.

No State Income Tax

We sneaked that in, but it’s true. Did you know Florida is one of the only states that don’t levy a state income tax? If you didn’t, add it to your list of reasons to move here. It means more money stays in your pockets come tax time.

Year-Round Outdoor Activities

Cyclers, hikers, surfers, runners and any outdoor-sports aficionados you can think of — rejoice. Moving to Florida means you can enjoy your sport of choice all year, not only when the weather is conducive. No, you can’t snow-ski, snowmobile or cross-country ski. But, you can ice skate at rinks in most major metro areas, waterski and jet-ski. Even if you’re not the active type, being able to ride your bicycle or take a walk every evening — 365 days a year — is possible in Florida. Not so much on the Midwest tundra.

A More Laid-back Lifestyle

This is relative, of course, depending on your situation, but there’s a precedent for the term “beach bum,” and we mean it in the nicest way! Florida’s major metro areas give you all the urban energy and amenities you might seek. But, there are plenty of smaller cities, towns and beach communities to ease you into less of a daily grind. A tropical environment exudes kick-off-your-flip-flops calm.

You’ve Always Wanted to Do It

So do it. Make a plan and do your research. After you decide where in Florida you’d like to move (or narrow it to short list), try a vacation or long weekend as a reconnaissance mission. Have some fun, but check out neighborhoods, shopping, schools and possible commutes like a prospective native. It’ll give you the truest taste of where you might want to be.

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