How to Enjoy Your Florida Landscape in Winter

Many people move to Florida for many reasons, but one of the biggest is to avoid winter weather in colder climates. You might be one of those people — or in the process of trying to move — and you’re just done with freezing temperatures, nasty winds and icy precipitation of all kinds.How to Enjoy Your Florida Landscape in Winter

You don’t even need to live somewhere with snow or hail. Chilly rain, blustery winds and cold temps may be enough for you to say, “Enough!”

The dream of balmy Florida winters is a like a beacon if you’re engineering a move from colder climates, and we at ICI Homes are here to tell you it’s not a mirage. Excepting the occasional cold front, Florida winters are wonderful. And you can do more from November through March than simply enjoy the warmth.

Outdoor living is the real deal in the Sunshine State — from gardening to recreation to socializing. Here’s how to enjoy your Florida landscape in winter.

What’s a Florida winter really like?

In a nutshell, it ranges from sometimes-chilly evenings and 60-degree daytime temperatures in the northernmost part of the state, to near-summer in south Florida. The average winter temperatures creep upward the further south you are on the peninsula.

Freezing temperatures are uncommon, but they do happen for most of the state at least a couple times each winter. The good news is that they’re usually attached to a cold front, and quickly wane after a few days.

Caveat: Florida isn’t immune to global weather patterns. If North America’s eastern seaboard is dealing with bad winter weather and abnormally cold temps, we’ll get a taste of it. And the reverse is true. Eighty-degree days can feel a bit weird in January — until you get used to them!

Enjoy year-round gardening

For many people, this is one of the surprises of Florida living. You don’t have to lug tender potted plants indoors, “winterize” your lawn and/or garden, and look at nothing green except conifers for three to six months.

Florida winters are mild enough to plant those holiday poinsettias and Easter lilies in your garden! Hibiscus shrubs continue to pop with brilliant blooms. Most flowing annuals and perennials carry on without interruption.

And, if you get a bout of freezing weather, protect your outdoor plants with a sheet or two overnight. They’ll do just fine.

Live outdoors for all 12 months

This is another pleasant surprise of year-round Florida living. You don’t have to cover screened-in porches with protective plastic, nor wrap outdoor spigots to keep them from bursting in subzero conditions. You can even keep your pool active all year long.

A light jacket, cozy scarf and hot drink may be all you need to porch-or-patio-sit in the heart of winter. Crank up a portable space heater if needed or — better yet — install an outdoor fireplace or portable fire pit to warm up any winter outdoor gathering.

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