Four Steps to Finding Your Perfect Home

You’re on the housing hunt, seeking your next home. Regardless of why — a career move, a dream house or (congratulations!) retirement — tackling the process of finding a new home can feel like instant overwhelm.

Where to start? Who to consult? What do I require?

Slay that overwhelm dragon with a few simple steps. Take time to think about your or your family’s needs and wants, then grab a handy notepad. Once you map out a house-hunting plan, tapping helpful resources becomes a breeze.  Here are four easy (we promise) steps to finding your perfect Florida home.

Make a Wish List

Preferably with a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper. Cognitive research has shown that writing down thoughts or lists can help clarify the intent behind them. So, begin here:hand-notes-holding-things-typed
Identify how much you want to spend on your new Florida home. Decide how much space you need.

Consider what kind of community you’d like to live in. Know whether customizations like exotic stone counter-tops or an extra garage are important to you. If you need a kick-start, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers this wish list to help you build your own.

Get Pre-Approved for a Loan

“Already?” you say.

Yes. Knowing what you can afford whittles the house-hunting overwhelm. You won’t waste time looking at homes that don’t fit your budget. Another perk of knowing your loan parameters means you can allocate where you want to spend your money. Remember the customization factor above? If you know your budget, you can find a home in your financial comfort zone AND design that longed-for outdoor kitchen. Need guidance to get started on the loan pre-approval process? It’s always best to use recommended pros — mortgage specialists at reputable financial institutions. They’ll be happy to walk you through it.

Narrow Your Search

You have your new-home wish list. You’re pre-approved for a home loan and know how much you can spend. Here’s where that simple-yet-handy notepad and pen comes back into play. Because you now know what you seek in a new Florida home, you cut the overwhelm again. As you tour properties in your price range and desired communities, jot down where each home is located, its price, size and your reactions to it. What are the highlights? Low-lights? Having these notes handy helps distinguish each property and streamlines your decision-making. Speaking of…

Make Your Decision

If you’re done all the homework above, this can be as easy as saying, “That one.” Of course, it isn’t always easy if you have several finalists, but your wish-list clarity can cut the mental overwhelm here, too. Your lists and your notes provide the decision-making road-map because you’ve already answered the big questions. Then, it’s a matter of personal preference — this golfing community? These paint colors?

Making a wish list, seeking pre-approval for a home loan and narrowing your search with helpful note-taking on each property you tour, completes the four simple steps to finding your perfect Florida home. As Florida’s Custom Home Builder, we’re here to help. Click here to get started.