Winter is Always Better in Florida. 4 Reasons Why

Done with cold, snow and de-icing routines? The Sunshine State is calling your name. You’ll have an easier time enduring the coldest months of the year with a move south. Whether it’s as a seasonal or full-time resident, spending a winter in Florida can feel like a generous indulgence.

The cooler part of the calendar still exists, of course. But with 60-to-80 degree daily temperatures, on average, and no blizzard warnings. Oh, the things you can do without having to bundle up just to step outdoors! Here are four reasons why winter is always better in Florida

The beach is never out of season

Even when a long-sleeved shirt or light jacket is in order — and the occasional chilly day does happen — those conditions don’t preclude a beach walk, or plopping down a beach chair to read.couple-on-beach

In fact, the cooler months are some folks’ favorite beach season because skies are still blue, the sun still shines warmly and the more temperate conditions beg for surf-casting, walking, shelling or cycling. Just beware you might need a wet suit if you want to swim or surf, and you’re not a cold-water-hardy type. The Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico do cool down in winter months.

Perfect weather for theme-park visits

Florida summers are hot. Spending yours jammed together with thousands of other sweaty people crowding the state’s most popular attractions makes winter sound like a lovely time to visit all the “Worlds,” doesn’t it?

It does. The same lower temperatures and humidity levels that create a pleasant February beach day, also make visiting major attractions equally pleasant. Winter means perfect theme-park weather. Plus, the crowds typically are more manageable after the major end-of-the-year holidays, and before the wave of spring vacationers arrive.

Banish the snow shovel

Unless you’d like to take up sand sculpting. Then take your snow shovel to the beach.  Depending where you spend your Florida winters, all you may need to combat the occasional cool spell is to throw on a cozy jacket or sweatshirt. But what about windshield scrapers? Tire chains? Other cold-weather gadgets?

Gone! The only snowman you’ll build will be a sandman at the beach — with your re-purposed snow shovel.

Wear flip flops every day

This sounds daring if you hail from, say, the upper Midwest. But in Florida, flip flops are like toothbrushes — items you use every day. With the typical 60-80-degree average winter daily temperatures, flip flops don’t have to vanish in the back of Florida closets for six months. Of course, for some people, this means year-round pedicures, a price they’ll gladly pay for uninterrupted flip-flop privileges.

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