How to Enjoy Cooler-Weather Coziness in Florida

Without sweating to death.

It’s a real concern because fortunately, even when the thermometer drops a bit, a light jacket, sweater or sweatshirt usually is all you need for a bicycle ride or brisk beach walk.Florida Winter

Then you know what happens. You get outside, get warmed up, begin enjoying the physical activity — and you’re glad you remembered your deodorant.

If you’ve moved to the Sunshine State from a colder region, you’ll take it every day of the season. Florida winters are on the mild side, with occasional snappy winds that blow through with seasonal fronts, and very few freeze watches.

That’s all! No snow, ice storms or sleet accumulations.

If you’ve recently moved here or are considering it, but fear you’ll miss roaring fireplaces, wool socks, and flannel sheets, we’ve got some tropical solutions for you.

Here’s how to enjoy cooler-weather coziness in Florida.

Bask in the sunshine

This is important if you battle Seasonal Affective Disorder (google it) or know someone who does.

Gray, cold and short winter days can leach the enjoyment out of life for some people. If that’s you, you understand. If it’s not, but you’re thinking, “Hmmm, it could be,” see your doctor first.

One common prescribed treatment is indoor light therapy, with a special lamp and light bulb, or increased time in the sunshine. Both methods help folks soak up the natural brightness that helps “lighten” their mood.

Whatever your attitude about winter weather, don’t skimp on Florida sunshine. Make it a regular part of your routine to get outside and cozy up to those plentiful, warming rays.

Light a fire

Yes, you can, even in Florida. A small indoor or outdoor gas fireplace will keep fingers and toes toasty during cooler winter months.

Statewide, a fireplace can fuel fun parties. Florida winters are mild enough to enjoy your outdoor living area after sunset, plus you’ll have the excuse to don a sweater or bundle up with a blanket.

And you don’t need a full-blown fireplace. A backyard fire pit or a small portable firebox on the patio can perform the same function. Graze on appetizers and sip hot toddies. Don’t forget to roast some marshmallows.

Continue to enjoy traditional activities

Just because you’re moving to Florida doesn’t mean you can’t have cold-weather seasonal fun.

Halloween is just as scary in Florida as it is anywhere else. And we think it’s better because you don’t have to wear a heavy coat under your costume!

As summer heat fades, there are many places where you can go on hayrides, select your Halloween pumpkins, cut your own Christmas tree or get lost in a cornfield maze. You can even ice skate and play hockey at indoor ice arenas.

You can’t snow ski or sleigh ride, but we promise strolling down a white sandy beach will be more than adequate compensation.

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