Moving With Kids? Get Them Involved


No matter how exciting the reason behind a move — perhaps a longed-for promotion or to be nearer family — relocation isn’t easy. It can be downright difficult for children, who may not grasp the significance of why their lives are being disrupted. They only know they’re leaving playmates, a familiar home, school routines and Read More »

Make Moving With a Toddler Easier


The smallest people in your household can be the ones most affected by a relocation. While moving can stress most adults — even if it’s for an anticipated retirement, exciting new job or to a longed-for dream home — toddlers only know their world is being turned upside down and they’re not quite sure why. Read More »

Five Tips For Moving With Children


It’s happening! Your family is relocating! You’ve broken the news, have a tentative schedule in place and everyone from biggest to littlest knows what’s ahead. Well, not the tiniest family members. Moving won’t faze the 18-month-old! But it might faze the 18-months-old’s brothers or sisters, so here’s our five suggestions for moving with children. Kids’ Read More »

Seven Reasons to Move to Florida


If you’re reading this post, you already might suspect that a Florida lifestyle might fit your situation. Or, perhaps you aren’t certain about becoming a Floridian — yet — and would like us to convince you. Here are seven solid reasons to consider moving to the Sunshine State. Climate You expect bright sunshine, warmth and Read More »

Tips For Selling Your Old Home Faster

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Trapped between a current home that’s not selling and the new Florida home you’d like to purchase? It’s a common scenario. Most of us need to sell our old residences before buying new ones and sometimes it’s simply not a fast process. To help, we have tips for your stalled selling situation. If you haven’t Read More »

Preparing Children to Move: Our Advice


You’re moving to a new Florida home. You have kids. How do you escort them — and yourself — through the experience while ensuring everyone retains their sanity and continues to speak to each other? No easy answers. We’re all different. There are helpful tactics, however. Check our suggestions for guiding your household’s youngest members Read More »

Six Ways to Welcome a New Neighbor

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Buying a new home and moving into it may be easiest part of the relocation process for some folks. Regardless of the motivation behind the move — job changes, family obligations or retirement — they may arrive without connections or new co-workers to help them settle into their surroundings. As one of their new neighbors, Read More »

Celebrate the Holidays While You’re Still Moving In


So, the moving boxes collided with those major end-of-the-year holidays.  You’re thrilled to be in your new Florida home, but the interior looks like a cardboard canyon while the calendar says it’s time to decorate and throw parties. Follow us to discover how you can survive a major transition AND still enjoy wearing the red Read More »