Winter Just Might be the Best Time to Move…to Florida

If you’re zeroing in on a new Florida home, you might be trying to plan your move here — or, dreading having to do it. Whether it’s across the state or across the country, it’s no secret that scheduling a move often can be the knuckle-biting part of a relocation.

But, there’s at least one way to make it easier: move during the winter months. Moving during the winter can score you both monetary savings and more scheduling options. Read on for the details.

Winter Moves Are Easier

If you own a moving company, summer traditionally is your busiest season. Folks usually prefer to move during the warmer months — May through August — when school recesses are in effect. They also like to move at the beginning or end of a month, and on weekends. Faced with this sort of demand, movers charge full fees and have fewer openings on their schedules. Not only will you pay top dollar for a top mover, you may find yourself waiting for a opening on that mover’s schedule.

But, plan your move between September and April, and you could benefit from movers trying to drum up business during their historically slow period. Some companies offer discounts. Many companies also have more schedule leeway, which means better odds of your move occurring when it’s convenient for you, rather than for your moving company.

The Florida Factor

Yes, it’s warm nearly year-round in Florida. How does avoiding the traditional summer moving season translate here? The same tenets apply: research the traditional off-season for moving — Amelia National PoolSeptember through April. Then, research a move during the traditional summer moving season — May through August. Compare and contrast the results. See which option works best for your budget, timing and household needs.

Moving from another state to Florida might be most cost-effective in the winter. Moving from one Florida location to another in the state may vary in cost, depending where you’re moving and how big a household you’re moving. Which brings us to…

Do Your Homework

If you need a kickstart, the options below are good launch points for your planning. The Florida Division of Consumer Services offers an online publication that contains helpful hints for current Florida homeowners moving to another part of the state. The American Moving and Storage Association also helps with an online Pre-Move Countdown Checklist to help you plan your Florida relocation.

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