Six Ways to Welcome a New Neighbor

Buying a new home and moving into it may be easiest part of the relocation process for some folks. Regardless of the motivation behind the move — job changes, family obligations or retirement — they may arrive without connections or new co-workers to help them settle into their surroundings. As one of their new neighbors, what can you do to help them acclimate to a new community and its myriad resources? Perhaps the best way is to reach out to your new neighbors. If you’ve lived in your neighborhood for a while, you know a lot of information that can help someone else. Read on to discover how a simple “Hi,” or a list of contact names and email addresses can lessen the black-hole sensation that new neighbors often experience.

Say Hi

Really obvious, right? But, you’d be surprised how much a friendly ‘hello-my-name-is’ can mean to a stranger in a new neighborhood. Plus, your newest neighbor might become your newest friend.FishHawk Ranch Photo Shoot JULY2014

Answer Questions

Sometimes the most welcoming thing you can do is to provide information. Ask your new neighbors if they have questions about their community, then cheerfully answer what you can. Friendly interaction during a hectic, confusing time can be your most helpful gesture.

Connect Newbies With HOA Info

Although your new neighbors might have done preliminary research into homeowners association dues and other financial HOA obligations, they likely won’t know how to contact the board of directors or how to do it effectively. A handy list of names, phone numbers and email addresses is a nice gesture.

Host a Cookout or Potluck

There are few things a party can’t conquer, especially that stranger-in-a-strange-land syndrome. A gathering as informal as lawn chairs in someone’s driveway, near a handy cooler, is nearly always in style. Or, invite the new neighbors to the monthly HOA block party. Chances are they’ll meet more people than they can remember.

Share Recommendations for Local Services

None of us are the fount of all knowledge. But, you know the location of the cheapest gas station and the nearest grocery store. Share that stuff. It helps someone unfamiliar with new surroundings to feel a little less lost.

Respect Privacy

You know when you’d rather not share. New neighbors are no different. Just because they don’t greet you with a winning smile or fat-chewing discourse across the fence doesn’t mean they’re cranky loners. Acknowledging a smile or a nod may be all the communication a new neighbor may require.

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