Moving With Kids? Get Them Involved

No matter how exciting the reason behind a move — perhaps a longed-for promotion or to be nearer family — relocation isn’t easy. It can be downright difficult for children, who may not grasp the significance of why their lives are being disrupted. They only know they’re leaving playmates, a familiar home, school routines and daily activities behind.

How can adults help cushion the uncertainty? By making kids part of the relocation process. Read on for tips to “get moving” with your kids.

Talk About It

Perhaps the best first step in involving your kids is to discuss the move with them. Their opinions count, even though they can’t sway the decision. Make sure they understand why the family is moving and allow them to articulate their feelings (preferably tantrum-free, of course).happy-family-with-gradient-400px

Take Kids House-Hunting

Even virtually! If you live in Seattle and you’ve moving to Florida, you’ll likely do a lot of advance real-estate scouting online. Let the kids help. They can make lists, vote yea or nay and generally feel a part of things. If your relocation destination is much closer to your current home, take the kids on house-hunting trips. They can provide the same fun, valuable feedback in person.

Junior Designers At Play

Give your kids some fun homework — ask them to design their new room. This can be even more fun once you’ve chosen your new home, but don’t let that little detail get in the way of creative young minds. Kids can sketch how’d they set up their new room or tell you how’d they’d do it. Together, peruse age-appropriate design magazines for inspiration.

Kids Can Pack Too

Put your youngsters to work! Specifically, put them in charge of packing some of their possessions. A 10-year-old can do this much easier than a toddler, but even the smallest kids can round up games or stuffed animals to place in boxes. Or, a container of favorite items to take with them during the journey to their new home. It all helps them feel they’re in control of their things and contributing (they are). And if older kids want to help pack other unbreakable household items? By all means, right?

Kids Can Unpack Too

Once you’ve arrived at your new home and boxes are begging to be unpacked, get your kids started on their boxes. Unearthing familiar belongings in a new place is a reassuring exercise. It helps kids feel involved and also means a few less boxes for adults to tackle!

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