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Energy efficiency is on the top of most new home buyers minds. Learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Buying a New Energy-Efficient Home? Don’t Forget These Tried and True Tactics

Being mindful of the environment is a must for many home buyers and builders today.

If you’re shopping for a new custom Florida home with a priority on energy efficiency, well, you’re in the right place with ICI Homes.

We’ve been building custom homes all over the state of Florida for more than four decades, and every home we build is an EQ Factor home. That means cutting-edge building techniques, materials and a dedication to environmentally friendly homes.

You know you’ll have an airtight, healthy and cost-efficient new abode to feel good about. But once you move in, you can contribute too. […]

Go ‘Green’ at FishHawk Ranch

Energy-Wise, Quality Built
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Finding that new custom Florida home can take time. Given the choice, most of us prefer to slow down the process and research our options. Some of us, however, aren’t as lucky. We’re the ones who must make expedited moving decisions due to jobs, family issues or even retirement sneaking up on us.

Regardless of whether you should’ve decided yesterday where to buy your new home, or have time to deliberate between choices, we at ICI Homes can help you make that decision, especially if you’re targeting west Central Florida and the Tampa-St. […]

Why You Want a New Energy-Efficient Home

Energy-Wise, Quality Built
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If the walls of a new custom Florida home could talk, they wouldn’t tell you about their satiny shades of paint, or that the fun family-room mural was commissioned from a local artist.

No, they’d describe the thickness of the superior-grade insulation behind them, or how their precise construction produces an overall tighter building seal, which prevents air leakage and inflated power bills.

In today’s new homes, all those behind-the-studs components are as important as open floor plans, spa-like bathrooms and giant farm sinks in the kitchen. A home stocked with the latest energy-efficient […]

Four Good Reasons to Build a Custom Home

Which is Right For You? Spec Home or Custom Build?


When you’re in the market for a new home, you usually have three choices: a resale, a “spec” home (we’ll explain) and a custom home built just for you and your household.

Hmmm. Which would you prefer? A resale means you’re buying a home someone else is selling, usually not a new home. A spec home, also known as an inventory home or showcase home, is a new home built to sell. It’s usually a builder’s popular floor plan and what you see is what you get, especially if the […]

Building a New Home? 10 Can’t-Live-Without Features

In today’s home-building market, the design choices you make as a homeowner should fit your household’s lifestyle and locale. Increasingly, those choices are becoming environmentally friendly, which is a good thing for our planet and wallets.

Regardless of whether you’re considering building a new Florida home, or are about to begin the process, lend us your attention. We’ve compiled a cheat-sheet of some of the top features we’re seeing throughout the industry and from our own customers. Here are 10 can’t-live-without features you should consider for your new home.
Whole-house choices
The systems that function invisibly behind your drywall and internal forest […]

How NOT to Design Your New Home

Research almost any how-to topic, and you’ll find limitless information on how to do it. That’s thanks to the great information highway known as the internet. You’ll find far less, however — online or anywhere — on how NOT to tackle a how-to topic.

If it exists, it’s usually tacked on the end of a post, article or video, or couched as “tips.” Since there are few greater how-to undertakings than buying, planning and designing a new custom home, we’d thought we’d have some fun and turn our how-to advice into how-NOT-to tips.

Creating a royal mess you’ll regret is easy […]

Why You Need Hybrid Water Heaters

If you’re considering buying a new Florida home, a certain mechanical system could sway your choice of home builders. It’s a hybrid water heater — also known as a heat pump water heater — and it can trim your power bill. What makes a hybrid water heater special? It utilizes heat in the air, rather than nonstop mega-kilowatts of electricity, to produce on-demand hot water. For the non-mechanical among us, a hybrid water heater transfers heat from the air to the water.

It’s a process. But it’s also at least twice as efficient as a standard electric water heater — some […]

The Things that Make a House a Home

Sounds like a cliche, right?

It certainly could. However, acclimating to a new Florida residence involves more than admiring your granite countertops each time you flip on the kitchen lights. If you’re considering a move here, design choices are merely the first of many important considerations that can help create a truly livable home. Let us enumerate them.
Energy Efficiency
It’s a major factor in today’s home-buying industry, as professional builders and consumers all look for ways to be kinder to our planet and to our wallets. Home buyers increasingly insist on environmentally friendly building materials and techniques, which together, yield high energy […]

Living in a Green Home

Eco-friendly building construction is no longer a novelty. “Going green” is becoming a more popular choice in the housing industry because of its positive impacts on people and the planet.

Since choosing a green home means being kind to the environment and the folks who live in that home, what does that mean? Consider these important benefits of owning a green home.
You use fewer natural resources
Recycled building materials are one of the easiest ways to go green. When home builders choose
recycled lumber or tiles made from re-purposed glass, they use fewer natural resources — a big positive for everyone.

“Building green” […]

Five Tips for Maintaining the Energy Efficiency of Your New Home

Glorious summers, temperate winters and delightful springs and autumns are four major perks of Florida living. The state’s tropical breezes and bright sunshine beg residents to spend time outdoors year-round.

But, thanks to technology, our indoor climates are more efficient and environmentally friendly than ever before. Heed these five tips to help keep your new-home energy costs in check.
Light Up the Smart Way
Start with basics: use long-lived compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs. Choose task lighting — such as a well-aimed desk lamp — rather than the overhead chandelier. Equip indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures with photo cells, timers and […]