Building a New Home? 10 Can’t-Live-Without Features

In today’s home-building market, the design choices you make as a homeowner should fit your household’s lifestyle and locale. Increasingly, those choices are becoming environmentally friendly, which is a good thing for our planet and wallets. Regardless of whether you’re considering building a new Florida home, or are about to begin the process, lend us Read More »

Why You Need Hybrid Water Heaters

If you’re considering buying a new Florida home, a certain mechanical system could sway your choice of home builders. It’s a hybrid water heater — also known as a heat pump water heater — and it can trim your power bill. What makes a hybrid water heater special? It utilizes heat in the air, rather than Read More »

The Things that Make a House a Home

Sounds like a cliche, right? It certainly could. However, acclimating to a new Florida residence involves more than admiring your granite countertops each time you flip on the kitchen lights. If you’re considering a move here, design choices are merely the first of many important considerations that can help create a truly livable home. Let us Read More »

Living in a Green Home

Eco-friendly building construction is no longer a novelty. “Going green” is becoming a more popular choice in the housing industry because of its positive impacts on people and the planet. Since choosing a green home means being kind to the environment and the folks who live in that home, what does that mean? Consider these Read More »