Buying a New Energy-Efficient Home? Don’t Forget These Tried and True Tactics

Being mindful of the environment is a must for many home buyers and builders today.

If you’re shopping for a new custom Florida home with a priority on energy efficiency, well, you’re in the right place with ICI Homes.Energy Efficient

We’ve been building custom homes all over the state of Florida for more than four decades, and every home we build is an EQ Factor home. That means cutting-edge building techniques, materials and a dedication to environmentally friendly homes.

You know you’ll have an airtight, healthy and cost-efficient new abode to feel good about. But once you move in, you can contribute too. Don’t forget these tried and true tactics for energy-efficient living.

Recycle everything

There’s much more that’s recyclable these days. Most of us are no longer limited to metals, plastics and glass in our recycling bins. That’s excellent news because we can do more to reduce our contributions to landfills.

But the recycling bin is hardly our only option (although we’ll admit it’s the easiest). How about reusing plastic or paper grocery bags, or buying reusable bags for those shopping trips? Try glass food storage containers instead of plastic ones (recycle the latter, of course).

And how’s this for simplicity? Buy a paper shredder if you don’t own one and chow down on junk mail, outdated personal papers, shipping receipts and anything unnecessary. And toss what doesn’t need shredding into the recycling bin, along with that newly mulched paper.

Mind the thermostat

This one’s so simple, it’s almost forgettable. Which is why we’re bringing it to your attention!

Although today’s new heating and cooling systems are more energy efficient than their predecessors, they’re still power hogs if you run them constantly. No matter the size of your home, follow manufacturer suggestions for settings. Then, try bumping the thermostat up a degree or two above your norm in summer, and down a degree or two in winter.

You might be surprised at how little you notice the difference. Here’s another tip to encourage you to try your thermostat on more energy-efficient settings: use ceiling fans year round and space heaters in cooler weather. Both cost pennies to operate.

Be cognizant of natural resources

Don’t forget about doing your part just because your new custom Florida home will be equipped with energy-efficient appliances and mechanical systems, plus built with the latest techniques.

Turn off faucets and lights. Don’t preheat the oven and forget to pop in a roast or pan of cookies until 20 minutes later. Wash clothes in cold water rather than hot (detergent doesn’t care).

Speaking of detergent, try environmentally friendly brands. It’s a simple tactic that can’t hurt. And rather than be tempted by those cheap cases of bottled water, use refillable bottles to mitigate plastic consumption. Plus, you’ll have a bit more storage room in the pantry.

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