The Things that Make a House a Home

Sounds like a cliche, right?

It certainly could. However, acclimating to a new Florida residence involves more than admiring your granite countertops each time you flip on the kitchen lights. If you’re considering a move here, design choices are merely the first of many important considerations that can help create a truly livable home. Let us enumerate them.

Energy Efficiency

It’s a major factor in today’s home-buying industry, as professional builders and consumers all look for ways to be kinder to our planet and to our wallets. Home buyers increasingly insist on environmentally friendly building materials and techniques, which together, yield high energy efficiency.

At ICI Homes, our EQ Factor — energy-wise, quality-built homes — ensures an above-and-beyond awareness of current efficiency standards. Folks who purchase an ICI Homes house know they’re getting specific energy-wise features. They are also getting top ratings and healthier interior spaces.

All ICI Homes structures receive a HERS (Home Energy Rating Standard) rating from an independent third-party expert. As Florida’s Custom Home Builder, we produce homes twice as efficient as existing homes of similar size.


The social aspect of a new neighborhood can’t be underestimated. Whether you’re living solo, as part of a family or newly retired, assimilating into a new community helps establish that at-home feeling.

Today’s home buyers are seeking sidewalks, porches from which to hail neighbors and common areas and activities that promote gatherings. Examples are dog parks, swimming pools and golf and tennis clubhouses. Playgrounds also are a great spot for grandparents to meet other grandparents, parents to connect with other parents and for kids to find new friends.

ICI Homes’ Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club in Ormond Beach is only one example of a community rich in activities for residents looking to establish new neighborly bonds.


Here’s where Florida living — and your choice of a home builder — really delivers. No one wants their backyard to overlook noise-reduction fencing along an interstate. In Florida, a state with 1,350 miles of coastline and innumerable scenic lakes and rivers, waterfront siting often can determine a home purchase.

Choosing communities that prioritize lovely landscaping, water views or a community fitness trail means adding to your quality of life. Settling in a community with those or similar amenities may cost more, but aesthetics can’t be beat. And, today’s home buyers have shown a willingness to spend more to get more It makes a difference when your kids can safely bike to and from friends’ houses, and whether you can enjoy a sunset over that undisturbed pond behind your patio.


Ensuring it long-term in your new home requires prudent choices — and a little fun and creativity up front. Customizing your new Florida home with large closets, the latest appliances and thoughtful touches such as a pet-care suite yields a return via increased home value. That becomes an even bigger factor when and if you someday sell your home.

Ready to think more broadly about what makes a house a “home?” Remember to consider energy efficiency, community, scenery and value when planning your new Florida abode.
And, you’re luck. As Florida’s Custom Home Builder, we at ICI Homes can help you find or create the environments you crave. Click here to start that process.