Four Good Reasons to Build a Custom Home

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When you’re in the market for a new home, you usually have three choices: a resale, a “spec” home (we’ll explain) and a custom home built just for you and your household.

Hmmm. Which would you prefer? A resale means you’re buying a home someone else is selling, usually not a new home. A spec home, also known as an inventory home or showcase home, is a new home built to sell. It’s usually a builder’s popular floor plan and what you see is what you get, especially if the home is finished and awaiting its first owner.

A custom-built home is a new home built specifically for you. Here are four good reasons to build a custom home.

It’s truly your home

You choose every detail when you custom-build. There’s no settling for a feature you don’t like in a resale or spec home, simply to get the kitchen of your dreams. Every room in your custom home should be the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc of your dreams because you’ll select all of it. (In concert with your designer and builder, of course.) You have control over all the details, even the grout colors in the bathrooms!

You know where every dollar went

That’s right. You’ll know what you’re getting for your money because you (and possibly a spouse or significant other) decide what kind of appliances to use, what kind of flooring to choose, paint colors and whether you need a three-car garage or a two-car garage.

Knowing where to splurge (marble countertops in the kitchen) and where to be thrifty (classic ceramic tile in the bathroom instead of expensive terrazzo) allows you to allocate each dollar and extract maximum value from it.

A new home means less maintenance

A family stands in their new custom home being built.Generally. Unless you luck into a resale home whose sellers recently completed a whole-house renovation with the latest of everything. But who wants to roll the dice for that?

A spec home is a better gamble because it’s new. Again, you might not know what’s behind that sheetrock and those studs. Or, whether materials and finishes are not what you’d truly choose if you had custom built your home?

Building a custom home helps you save time and bypass all uncertainty. That means less maintenance on your sanity! Rather than house hunting all over town and online — and perhaps still not finding the perfect home — you’re only waiting on a construction calendar when you custom build. And, you KNOW you’re getting the perfect home.

It’s energy-efficient

Being smart about energy usage and environmental impact is critical when you build a custom home. The latest construction techniques and materials all work together to save energy. You typically don’t get that with a resale.

Bottom line: the more efficient your new home’s mechanical systems and appliances, the smaller your utility bills will be. And it’s nice to know you’re doing your part for the planet. A little help from everyone goes a long way.

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