Go ‘Green’ at FishHawk Ranch

Finding that new custom Florida home can take time. Given the choice, most of us prefer to slow down the process and research our options. Some of us, however, aren’t as lucky. We’re the ones who must make expedited moving decisions due to jobs, family issues or even retirement sneaking up on us.

Regardless of whether you should’ve decided yesterday where to buy your new home, or have time to deliberate between choices, we at ICI Homes can help you make that decision, especially if you’re targeting west Central Florida and the Tampa-St. Petersburg area.

What would we do? Decide in favor of FishHawk Ranch! It’s a 4,400-acre master-planned community located in Lithia, only minutes southeast of Tampa in Hillsborough County. ICI Homes is one of nine builders active in FishHawk Ranch, and we build in the WestLake neighborhood.

One reason we love FishHawk Ranch is because it’s super-convenient to Interstate 75, the main north-south artery on Florida’s west coast. A short drive north allows you to enjoy Tampa-St. Pete’s metropolitan flair. A short drive south yields the Sarasota-Bradenton area’s cultural bonanza.

But, here’s another reason to consider FishHawk Ranch: it’s easy to be “green” here, and that’s good for all of us. Read on for the details.

FishHawk is certifiably ‘green’

You can go green at FishHawk Ranch both for environmentally friendly and recreational purposes. The Florida Green Building Coalition even says so. Per a Coalition designation, FishHawk Ranch is the the first “green” community in Hillsborough County and the largest in metro Tampa.

Better building materials and techniques yield homes that are more energy efficient and healthful inside. FishHawk’s tree canopy — you’ll see grand oaks and other hardwood and confers preserved throughout the property — cleans the air, blocks noise, beautifies surroundings and shades homes. The latter helps heating and air conditioning systems reduce energy consumption.

In fact, FishHawk Ranch was one of 10 organizations honored by the National Arbor Day Foundation in 2003 for conserving existing trees and planting Florida-native species.

ICI Homes builds EQ factor homes in FishHawk Ranch

The Shenandoah from ICI HomesActually, we build them everywhere because it’s a crucial part of how we do 21st-century business. But our Acadia, Biscayne, Shenandoah and Yosemite home plans that we build in the WestLake neighborhood in FishHawk Ranch are packed with every possible energy-efficient and environmentally thoughtful perk.

What’s an EQ Factor Home? It boasts 10 energy-saving features — beginning with HERS RENET certification of a certain level of energy efficiency upon completion — along with 10 proven construction techniques and materials that provide home buyers with a cutting-edge product.

Examples of our energy-saving features are building a tighter, tougher frame, and using Energy Star appliances and hybrid electric water heaters. Examples of better construction techniques are a focus on top-notch floor, window, door, balcony and deck assembly. Download our brochure for much more on our EQ Factor processes.

Ready to check out ICI Homes’ custom work in the WestLake neighborhood? We’re ready to help you decide. Talk to us here.