Living in a Green Home

Eco-friendly building construction is no longer a novelty. “Going green” is becoming a more popular choice in the housing industry because of its positive impacts on people and the planet.

Since choosing a green home means being kind to the environment and the folks who live in that home, what does that mean? Consider these important benefits of owning a green home.

You use fewer natural resourcesEnergy efficiency

Recycled building materials are one of the easiest ways to go green. When home builders choose
recycled lumber or tiles made from re-purposed glass, they use fewer natural resources — a big positive for everyone.

“Building green” often also means choosing higher-quality materials. For example, zero-VOC paints and primers contain no volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which emit gasses. Paints like this also usually contain no harsh fumes. Fewer gasses and fumes in your home is a good thing. Which leads to…

Green homes are healthier

If non-VOC paints and primers are better for a home’s residents, so are other high-quality building materials. Green homes are healthier because they’re built with toxin-free materials. This translates to healthier environments, from fewer gasses and fumes to less chance of mold and mildew development — potential bugaboos in tropical climates.

Another green-home benefit? Some environmentally-friendly building materials do a better job of insulating your new Florida home’s interior.

It saves you money

A green home is a smart financial choice now and in the future. Something as simple as choosing energy-efficient appliances not only saves you money on your monthly power bill, it saves you money over the life of those appliances.

And that’s only one example. Using compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs rather than incandescent bulbs is another long-term savings choice. So is setting your hot water heater at its optimum temperature. Florida homeowners can make multiple easy choices to live “green.”

Perhaps the biggest way a green home can save you money? The growing market for them and buyers seeking to purchase them will help increase the value of yours if you decide to sell it.

From choosing environmentally friendly building materials to incorporating energy-efficient appliances and mechanical systems, living “green” is an accelerating trend. You do have to pursue certification to pronounce your home officially “green,” but there are many ways to be mindful of natural resources, especially with ICI Homes’ EQ FACTOR homes.

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