Think Out of the Bathroom Box: Banish Boring Design

Ah, bathrooms.

They’re critical parts of our daily routines, but let’s be honest — probably not the first features most people obsess over when shopping for a new home.Think Out of the Bathroom Box: Banish Boring Design

We always want them to be spotless and highly functional. But showstoppers? Well…

Why not? If we spend so much necessary time in bathrooms, let’s enjoy our surroundings! Bathroom design can be fun, funky, remarkable and highly personal. At the same time it ensures we have all the appliances, storage and waterproof surfaces we need.

There’s no reason to think we must accept bland bathrooms simply because they’re utilitarian spaces. Here’s our guide to thinking out of the bathroom design box.

Furnish it like the living space it is

This depends on your and your household’s personal sense of style.

A kids’ bathroom where sloppy, messy chaos reigns, should serve that purpose with the least amount of fuss and bother for adults. Use easy-to-clean accessories, inexpensive towels and clunky, sturdy stools so kids can reach the sink to brush their teeth.

However, paint the stools the kids’ favorite color — purple? — and apply a stick-on, peel-off wallpaper border of marching yellow duckies around the tops of bathroom walls. All of it can be changed as kids age.

On the adult side, don’t just make do with a discount-store soap dish. Ask your builder to include a built-in shower niche for soaps, shampoos and other grooming necessities. While they’re at it, how about a shower mirror installed along with the tile?

See what we mean?

Lighting choices

How about bright LED bulbs glistening under navy-blue glass dome shades? Or green glass shades? Or pink? Use an accent color for extra pop, or reinforce an existing color scheme — say, blue and white.

Using unexpected color along with a custom-look fixture adds inexpensive wow every time you hit the vanity light switch.

Another tip: if you have extra countertop space, try a small lamp with a patterned shade. It adds ambient or nighttime lighting, especially when you’re hosting guests.


Need a seat in the shower? You can do better than a cheap plastic square from a big-box retailer.

A good first option is to ask your builder for a built-in ledge. But if you’re buying one of ICI Homes’ quick move-in homes that’s finished, you’ll have to provide your own perch.

How about a garden seat? They’re heavy, ceramic cylinders that function as stools or side tables. They’re durable and waterproof — perfect indoors or out — and come in innumerable colors and patterns.

Garden seats also are timeless accents that can contrast with your shower design or blend in.

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