We’ve Got What Younger Home Buyers Want

Folks of all ages and generations buy new custom Florida homes every day, and we all know Florida is a very popular place to live. Millennial home buyers are no exception.We’ve Got What Millennial Home Buyers Want

Active retirees have long migrated here. So have young families and career people following booming industries. The state’s natural beauty, cultural riches, world-class attractions and strong economy continue to attract new residents, a trend that shows no sign of slowing.

And, one of the biggest groups of new Florida home buyers is one of its youngest — millennials. Millennials are the generation born between 1982 and 2002. Several reasons factor into this demographic’s pursuit of their first homes. They’re finally earning stable incomes, ready to settle down a bit, and are done with rent, roommates and living in parents’ basements.

Like many first-time home buyers, they’re also on a budget and seeking the best deal they can afford. If you’re among that group, stick with us. We’ll tell you why ICI Homes has what younger home buyers want.

Smart homes

Technology-equipped homes that make everyday life a bit more seamless, are in demand from all generations of today’s home buyers, but younger adults tend to embrace technology a bit more. They grew up with it, from computers in the classrooms to mobile phones at an early age.

Living with video doorbells, voice-commanded whole-house systems, and intelligent refrigerators that alert you when you’re out of milk, are de rigor for many millennials.

If this is you, check out ICI Homes’ Mosaic community in Daytona Beach. The entire neighborhood is WIFI-equipped and each home is a smart home. Look for the same emphasis on smart-home technology and energy efficiency in the homes we build in eTown in Jacksonville.

Speaking of energy efficiency…

Energy efficient homes

Every ICI Homes home is an EQ Factor home — energy-wise and quality-built. Each also is HERS RESNET-certified, which means an independent company inspects each home’s energy efficiency during construction.

EQ Factor homes are built with the latest construction techniques that ensure tighter structural seals. We also insist on hybrid electric water heaters, Energy Star appliances, “green” construction materials, and other energy-efficient materials.

Room for a home office

The flex space in most of our award-winning floor plans can be whatever a customer needs it to be — home theatre, office, craft room. You name it.

Younger home buyers, who tend to telecommute or run their own startups or businesses from home, usually prize home offices.

Durable design materials

Millennial home buyers are like any others — they want the best for their budget. But they generally aren’t into high-maintenance materials, especially if they’re starting families AND trying to pay off student loans from college.

Their flooring, countertops and cabinets should be impervious, yet stylish. ICI Homes’ Design Center stocks the latest choices in interior design materials, and can help any customer find the perfect colors and finishes.

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