Banish Boring Closets With These Fun Design Tips

Moving into a new custom Florida home is an exciting occasion. It takes time to unpack, organize and set up your new surroundings, and for that reason, we forgive you for tossing stuff in drawers or your spare closet — even the garage — thinking you’ll deal with it later.Banish Boring Closets With These Fun Design Tips

All you want at the beginning is to find enough clothes and shoes to weather each day!

But once life stabilizes, take a good look at your bedroom closet. Not an inspiring space? You’ll spend a lot of time in there, so why not make it so?

Read on for fun tips to banish boring closets.

Choose creative closet furnishings

Before you buy utilitarian rolling clothes racks and perfunctory shoe-storage apparatuses at the nearest big-box home store, consider furnishing your new closet like a real room. Many of ICI Homes’ floor plans feature master closets that are certainly large enough! Or, customize your floor plan to add extra closet space.

How about an armoire for hanging up clothes? Attractive chests to hold folded items, socks and such? Bookcases or an iron or brass-framed etagere with glass shelves can corral hats, scarves, belts, wallets, watches and handbags.

If you have a prodigious shoe collection, turn it into functional art. Use that etagere to display and organize your shoes.

Paint it the color you want

Your closet isn’t a public space like the living and dining areas, or kitchen. The only people who will see it are the family members or friends you might show it to.

Love chartreuse? Paint the interior of your closet that color. If you share your closet with a spouse or partner, make sure they like chartreuse too. Or, choose a floor plan with his-and-hers closets and paint them however you like!

If you’re an artist or a member of your family is, render a mural on one wall. A mermaid! Hunting dogs! Your favorite cartoon!

The point is to open your closet door every day, see your favorite color and smile. Because every room in your new custom Florida home should make you smile, right?

Personalize it

We mentioned the possibility of painting a mural in your closet. Not your thing? You have many other choices to personalize it.

A chair to sit in while donning socks and shoes, or an upholstered ottoman or stool, will make your morning routine a little more pleasant. A full-length, freestanding mirror can feel luxurious. Display photos or small art on a shelf, or atop a built-in storage unit.

And, absolutely have fun. Put up a disco ball. A silly chandelier that makes you laugh.

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