Home Customization

New home customization is not as difficult or expensive as you might think. Don’t settle! Get tips and advice for building a custom home that suites you.

Why ‘Customize’ Is a Dirty Word For Other Home Builders

Not at ICI Homes! We’re Florida’s Custom Home Builder and proud of it. But we say so upfront for a reason. You might be reading this because you got the “dirty-word” reaction from other Sunshine State builders — when you told them you’d like them to tweak one of their home plans, or to build a new custom home from scratch. You won’t get that reaction from us. We’ll explain how we do business shortly. For now, here’s why many of our building peers resist customizing their homes.
They Say It’s Expensive
The bottom line rules, right? Home builders must be […]

Find Great Space for Telecommuting-In Your Home

As our working world evolves along with business and technological advances, so does where and how we work. Folks who are self-employed or lucky enough to work for a company willing to experiment with employee hours and remote processes, often can do some, if not all, of their jobs at home. Telecommuting — or e-commuting — is here to stay, thanks to commuting hassles and savings in gas expenses, office space and time. The “gig” economy is growing! So, follow us. We’ll show you how to work office space into your new custom Florida home.
Go Big, Or Go To […]

Customize Your Home With Our Top-Requested Changes

In the market for a new Florida home, yet don’t want it to look or live like anyone else’s? Sounds like a custom job! ICI Homes is Florida’s Custom Home Builder and we’ve delivered customized new abodes to thousands of happy customers for more than 30 years. Whatever specifications or requests you have, bring them. We specialize all day, every day in customizing our library of versatile, award-winning home plans. But, a few “greatest hits” continually pop up when customers describe what they’d like in a Florida home. Read on to see if one or more of these top-requested changes […]

Customize Before You Buy: Put Our Experts To Work

Looking for a versatile home plan for your new Florida home? Have ideas you’d like to add to an existing plan? You’re in the right spot. Not only has ICI Homes built custom homes all over the state of Florida for more than three decades, we’ve built our business on making sure customers get the home they want, not the one we think they should have. We do it with award-winning floor plans that allow for mixing and matching, at a price that’s right to you. Read on to find out how you can test your customization ideas before you […]

Seven Small Building Ideas That Live Large

Building a new custom Florida home? Congratulations! By now you’re familiar with the many decisions that must be made before and during the building process. Decisions also pop up when customizing a home, particularly serendipitous ones like the great idea you spotted online or in an airline magazine that’s a perfect solution for your new pantry. To make inspiration a little timelier, we’re sharing a list of seven random great ideas to peruse before constructions crews begin hammering and sawing. Read on for little things that can live big in your custom home.
Outlets With USB Ports
These are for charging […]

Home Design For Our Furry Friends

You’re a pet person and we at ICI Homes understand. Most cats and dogs enjoy favored status in their households but, can we talk? Pet bedding and toys aren’t the most attractive accessories. Allow us to share some decorative ideas on how to incorporate your furry friends and their pursuits into your home’s design.
Banish Lumpy Floor Pillows
It’s time to give your small or medium-sized pooch a worthy perch without tripping to the pet superstore. Odds are you have a chest, nightstand or small bookcase with a bottom drawer or shelf. Remove the drawer if it’s a chest and be […]

Design Your Own Home Spa

If you love all the accouterments and pampering of a spa day, you don’t have to drop continual hints for birthday and holiday gift cards. Or, blow up your schedule to find time to escape to an actual spa. It’s easy to install a do-it-yourself version when you build your new custom Florida home. Simply pick a bathroom (not the kids bathroom!) and pack it full of the colors, accessories and fixtures that give you a similar, soothing experience. Allow us to show you how to design your own home spa.
Size Sort of Matters in Your New Spa
The bathroom […]

Four Tips to Personalize Your Home

A home’s interior design should reflect who lives there, not the whim of painters, its flooring crew or imaginary customers who might’ve been used as the builder’s inspiration. The blank canvas of a new home can be exactly the impetus you need to try your own style. Consider hobbies, recreational preferences and family history for decorating clues. Personalizing a home stamps it as uniquely yours. It’s also an opportunity to display collections that might be stuffed out of view. Read on for a few suggestions to get you started.
Trace Your Roots
If you’re an antique buff or haunter of flea […]

Don’t Make These 7 Home-Design Mistakes

Building a custom Florida home should be an exciting exercise for you and your building and design teams. But, sometimes the finished product doesn’t live so perfectly — a fact almost always traceable to poor planning. The solution? Do your homework! The more specific lifestyle information you can bring to brainstorming sessions with your designers, the more practical and truly customized your new home will be. Read on for seven top design mistakes to avoid.
You Don’t Consider the Future
It’s tempting to build a new home for your current lifestyle. Pause first, and talk to your household. Will you live […]

Building a Custom Home Doesn’t Have to be Impossible

You’re in the market for a new Florida home and you’ve worn out your computer’s refresh key trying to find the perfect abode. Or, perhaps you’re tired of endless weekend visits to new communities where you never quite like the models or available plans.

Since a new home is such a giant financial commitment, why not get exactly what you want? Here at ICI Homes, we’re known as Florida’s Custom Home Builder. Allow us to explain why a custom solution may be perfect for your dream-home dilemma.
Custom Homes Don’t Have to Be More Expensive
Or a pain, or an endless negotiation. Building […]