On Your Lot Home Sales Spotlight with Cindy Voyles

Delivering an unforgettable home-building experience requires skill, and ICI Homes customers have a pro in their corner with sales associate Cindy Voyles.

Voyles works with ICI Homes’ custom group, ICI Custom Homes. Build on your own lot with Cindy Voyles at ICI HomesShe specializes in On Your Lot projects, which connects property owners with Florida’s Custom Home Builder.

“There’s never two of anything,” Voyles says of the variety of floor plans and custom options available to customers who build on their own lots.

An Ohio native, Voyles has valuable perspective on northeast Florida real estate. February 2021 marks her 22nd anniversary as an ICI Homes sales associate. Prior to joining On Your Lot in mid-2020, her most recent assignment was Tamaya, ICI Homes’ master-planned community on Jacksonville’s southeast side, which she helped open in 2014.

Cindy Voyles works with ICI Custom Homes designer Don Wilford and a core group dedicated to custom-home projects. As an example of their team approach, she cites recent customers with a uniquely shaped lot. The property required a unique floor plan and Wilford used their feedback to sketch a dream home.

“That’s where it gets fun because you’re sitting there watching it all come together, and the excitement on their faces as they’re seeing it all happen,” Voyles says.

Cindy Voyles shows buyers a customized process

While many projects involve customers who own property, Voyles also helps those who don’t, and who don’t want a community lifestyle.

Custom On Your Lot Home

Her experience allows her to tap a Realtor network to seek home sites, and Realtors also refer custom clients to her.

This involves customers at all price points. Often, their preferences range from oceanfront to countryside.

“Some don’t have the land yet. Some are just looking for land and have gotten fed up looking for what they want. It’s usually between water or big land, acreage,” Voyles says. “They’re looking for access, then they look at it and try to figure out, ‘what am I going to do with it?’”

Enter Voyles, who leads them through the selection process, using wish lists as a guide. She often begins with ICI Homes’ library of award-winning floor plans.

“You can look through any of our portfolio plans in any of our communities,” she says. “Some customers will find a stock plan and they won’t need any changes. Or it might be a minor bump-out, to merging three plans, to a completely custom plan.”

ICI Custom Homes advantage

On Your Lot customers enjoy the best of both worlds — a customized building experience, plus a streamlined one from one of Florida’s largest builders.

“We’re able to keep our price points attractive rather than the builder who’s building three homes a year,” Voyles says. “We have more buying power.”

Her customers also visit the North Florida Division Design Center to select their interior design and building materials, rather than being sent all over town.

“It’s just the ease of being a big builder, yet still being a specialty we’re offering that they can take advantage of,” Voyles says.

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