Dreaming Big? Statement Items for Your New Owner’s Suite

You’re finally committing to the new custom Florida home you want, and your carefully curated wish list contains a number of must-haves for your secret hideaway — A.K.A., the owner’s suite.

Go ahead and plan a backyard tree house for the kids, or a pool for party fun. But if you don’t get that soaking tub in the bathroom, you might as well not move, right?Dreaming Big? Statement Items for Your New Owner's Suite - sm Dreaming Big Statement Items for Your New Owners Suite

We can help! ICI Homes has built custom homes all over Florida for more than four decades. We’ve made thousands of dreams come true. So if you’re dreaming big, follow along. We’ll share some statement items to consider for your new owner’s suite.

Think functionally

Break down your wish list to different areas. Most owner’s suites, no matter the size, usually encompass a bedroom, bathroom and at least one sizable closet.

One space may matter more to you or your partner or spouse. You probably have shared splurges you’d like in your owner’s suite, and individual ones too. Your wife may want task-lighting lamps by the bed for reading while you may want a glassed-in, walk-in shower with minimal grout.

No matter where you put it, a coffee bar with microwave and mini-fridge is always welcome, day or night.


We mentioned reading above, but television or movie-watching are also universal activities in most owner’s suites. Retreating to watch something you prefer rather than what the rest of the family might be ogling, is always an option with a comfortable owner’s suite.

That said, a separate sitting area with a chair or sofa gives you two comfy viewing spots. It also can double a work area if you include a small table or lap desk. And, if you plan well, there can be space to pop down an exercise mat for stretching or yoga.


The walk-in shower and soaking tub are classic owner’s suite accouterments.

You know what’s not? TV or video monitors mounted in your mirror wall above the bathroom vanities. Follow the day’s first business shows while you dry your hair.

How about towel warmers or heated floors? Perhaps the ultimate self-spoilage for your daily cleanup. Think outside the box!


Don’t forget, there may be two closets! One for you and one for your partner or spouse. Or, perhaps a large, shared closet and a smaller linen closet to house towels and other bathroom supplies.

The above are storage necessities for owner’s suites, but if you want to make closets work as hard as you do, dream big and outfit your closets like real rooms.

Don’t plop shoes on the floor or stack them in boxes. Have a shoe rack installed all the way around the bottom of one wall.

Make room for a storage island, especially in larger walk-in closets. It can be built in or a stand-alone personal piece that contains drawers and cabinets and serves as the main, or secondary, chest of drawers.

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