How to Customize Your New Home

One of the most fun aspects of building a new custom Florida home is the pre-construction trip to the ICI Homes Design Center.How to Customize Your New Home

Learning how to customize your new home is a fun and engaging process. One of our talented design consultants will guide you through your selections of interior design elements for your new home, and it’s an important step.

Choosing your interior design elements and materials such as flooring and paint colors allows YOU to combat the notion that new homes tend to look boring. YOU control the color of your walls, the style of your kitchen cabinetry, and many other elements. And, although our design consultants won’t make choices for you, they’ll be ready with helpful suggestions and options.

It’s also your chance to put your stamp on your home, rather than having to renovate and remove — at added cost — a previous owner’s tastes from a resale home. Plus, even if you opt for one of ICI Homes’ move-ready homes, its timeless finishes and elements give you a great foundation to add your own touches later, if you choose.

Read for more design appointment tips but first, save this link to explore home customizations later.

When learning how to customize your new home, make timeless choices

First, do some homework on what you like and don’t, design-wise, before your appointment. Then, especially consider those design elements that cover the most interior space — paint colors, flooring, cabinetry, and bathroom tile.

You and any guests will see a lot of those spaces. Be sure you want to look at that sage green bathroom every day, or continuously mop that white tile floor

Also, carefully weigh current design trends you like. Ask yourself and any household members if you’ll still love those styles five years from now. There’s a reason that wood and wood-look tile floors are so popular. The same goes for classic, neutral-color walls, and stone countertops.

Such design elements tend to age well, and they always provide a stylish background if you later decide to switch paint colors or throw down a new rug.

How to Customize Your New HomeMake statement choices

Most of us who build a new custom Florida home have budgets — another reason it’s important to do your homework before your design appointment. However, do have some fun by identifying design elements to splurge on, and those don’t require it.

Go for that next-level bronze cabinet hardware, or a kitchen faucet that does everything except turn on the garbage disposal. On the other hand, a finished concrete garage may be all you need rather than a sleek-painted surface that mimics a showroom floor.

Personalize your new home

Once your design center appointment is complete, it’s time to focus on personal style.

You already may know what styles you like. But you also might be ready for a change. While your home is under construction, do some sleuthing in antique stores, flea markets and art galleries for accents and furnishings to add to your new home’s interior. You can even grab inspiration from all of our model homes using our image search here!

So much for boring!

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